Kailijumei Flower Jelly Lipstick Review

You might remember this lipstick going viral a few years ago and I’ve just rediscovered mine. As I’ve been doing a makeup inventory over the past few days I’ve been pulling out a lot of products that had been hidden away in my drawers and this lipstick is one of them.

I bought this Kailijumei Flower Jelly Lipstick in 2017 when I was overseas in Japan, this style of lipstick had been popular online at the time after the beautiful looking, colour changing formula had gone viral on social media. When my friend and I found them in a local Japanese drug store we were so excited and bought one formula each.


The packaging for this lipstick is obviously one of the more beautiful lipsticks that I’ve ever seen. It’s all plastic however everything has worn well throughout the years, there is minimal scratching or marks on the exterior. The whole lippie screams extravagance, the shiny gold casing, the small, pearl beads rolling around in the base and that’s before you’ve even wound up the lipstick to see the flower encased in the transparent bullet. It’s a very special and unique looking lipstick that I’ve yet to match in any other product in my collection.

Product Performance


As you can see from the photos, the formula of this lipstick is unlike your average lipstick formula. The formula of these lippies is described as a clear, jelly balm with colour changing features that applies clear and will react to your body temperature to show up as a glossy pink of slightly varying hues depending on which colour you buy.

I bought the shade 06 that, from memory, was supposed to be a more reddish pink than the others. I don’t actually like cool toned pinks on my lips so I remember trying to pick the furthest from that as possible. However as the formula is translucent there was no way of knowing was exact colour I was buying until I had applied it on my lips.

As it turned out, the colour of this is still very pink, it’s not really a shade that I like to wear too much which is a shame. It’s definitely a cool toned pink more than a red.


This lipstick applies easily, its formula feels like a balm so it glides on well however due to it being initially translucent, it’s hard to tell if you’ve applied it evenly over your lips. This is also an issue because if you accidentally over line your lips a little with this it will very quickly stain your skin a bright pink unless you quickly clean it up.

Which brings me to a big point with this lippie which is that it does stain your lips and skin a lot. I swatched this on the back of my hand for the photos in this review and that pink patch stayed there for the rest of the day which is a little much for me, I worry when I apply this because I really don’t want to have any bright pink stains around my mouth if I accidentally apply it too much.


Once I have applied this and cleaned around my lips, the colour will show on my lips for a long, long time. As I mentioned above this formula stains so the pink will remain for a whole day however the balm effect is much faster to wear off and when it does my lips will feel very dry almost immediately. I’ll be wanting to apply another balm or gloss over the top, never another application of this lippie as the colour would quickly stain to such a pigmented level that I wouldn’t like the effect.

I’ve owned this lipstick for many years now and unfortunately I don’t really like to wear it. This is mostly due to the heavy staining of the formula, along with how drying it can be on my lips. I’ve never tried any other “jelly” style lipstick so I don’t know if this is how they all wear but for now, I’m not a fan.

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