Juvia’s Place The Magic Eyeshadow Palette

I’ve owned this palette for years after I was drawn in by it’s lovely range of colourful shadows.

I’d never bought anything from Juvia’s Place before however I’d long been hearing praise for their product performances and unique packaging.

I really like the way that Juvia’s Place releases their palettes alongside a theme. This Magic Palette features two halves of opposing tones. The top eight shades in a warm range of mattes and shimmers and the bottom eight in the opposite cool tones.

The palette comes without a mirror however that’s not a big issue for me, I very rarely use the mirrors in my palettes. The real bonus with Juvia’s Place palettes is how large the pans are.

These are by far the biggest eyeshadow pans in my collection. They’re closer to the size of a blush or a bronzer so you if you have a favourite shade then you wont have to worry about running through it quickly!

As for the performance of these shadows unfortunately my palette is very hit and miss. Between the mattes and the shimmers there can be a huge variance for pigmentation, patchiness and wear time.

Some of these mattes are smooth and dreamy, blending out and building up with minimal effort. And then some others are dry, patchy and difficult to build up in pigmentation. From what I have found the darker mattes are harder to use than the lighter ones.

As for the shimmers, they’re all fairly pigmented however some will have a smooth formula whereas others will be very crumbly with a lot of fallout. All of them will have full pigmentation over a glitter base.

It’s a real shame about the variation in performance as the actual shades in the palette are beautiful. There are a lot of colours in here that I can’t dupe in the rest of my collection and I love the way they are arranged in this palette.

Juvia’s Place The Magic Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

As for how the shades wear on my oily, hooded eyelids it will also vary depending on the quality of my primer. Some of my cheaper options such as a BH Cosmetics primer caused the shadows to wear away terribly so that by the end of the day they were nothing but a few smears on my eyelids. However with my Wet n’ Wild primer these shadows will last the whole day with minimal to no creasing or fading.

Overall while I love the colour scheme of this palette I can’t rely on each shade to perform to the same high quality. It’s very hit and miss however I can make it work with a little extra effort.

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