Juvia’s Place The Douce Palette

The Douce palette by Juvia’s Place caught my eye with it candy coloured theme and I’ve spent the past year playing with its eyeshadow formula and pastel shades.

By now this palette is no longer a new release however that means that I’ve had a lot of time to play around with the shades and formula and so I’m happy to bring you my thoughts on the Juvia’s Place The Douce palette today.

I bought The Douce palette in late 2018 after the colour scheme caught my eye as being rather unique. Before buying this palette I already owned the Juvia’s Place The Magic eyeshadow palette however I had mixed feelings about the formula of that and decided to give the brand another try.


The packaging of The Douce palette is standard to what I have found with Juvia’s Place. It’s a sturdy cardboard with great custom artwork, big pans and no mirror. I don’t mind the lack of mirror if the cost is also cut from the final price, I already own many hand held mirrors.

Overall the packaging is nothing amazing, certainly not what I would call luxury, however I also have no major complaints about anything.

Colour Story

I love the colour story of this palette, it’s the main reason behind my purchase as I was drawn in by the bright pastels and the varying finishes from matte to metallic.

I also really appreciate the layout of the colours, Juvia’s Place palettes are always curated in a way that inspires me to combine colours that I might not have chosen to myself.

I have mentioned before that many eyeshadow palettes released these days feature 90% generic shades with one or two interesting colours scattered through however Juvia’s Place is one of the few brands that frequently include many interesting colours and finishes to their products.

Product Performance


Overall I really like the way these eyeshadows perform. The mattes are nicely pigmented without being staining or patchy, they blend out well and can be built up in levels of intensity to how far you desire them.

The shimmers are also very pigmented and metallic. The shade Tart has a slightly more crumbly formula than the others however it’s also a duo-chrome shade so I think that could be the reason why.

I will experience slight fallout when applying these eyeshadows however I get that with most formulas so I don’t consider that a strike against this palette. Any fallout is minimal and easily swept away.


I have oily, hooded eyelids so I always wear my eyeshadow over the top of a set and primed lid. On my eyes these shadows have no problem lasting a full day without creasing or breaking apart. The pigmentation might have faded a touch at the end of an eight hour day however that’s normal for most eyeshadows so, again, the formula is nothing to complain about.

The Review

I really like The Douce by Juvia’s Place. The colour scheme is inspiring and the shades are all pigmented and perform well on my oily, hooded eyelids. I’ve got no complaints and plenty of great looks from this palette and the pans are huge so I’m not worried about ever running out of eyeshadow with them!

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