July Empties

July for an Australian means winter time which means my skincare routine needed a change up and thus nearly all of my empties for the month have been skincare.

I was so close to finishing some other products but they didn’t quite make the cut off so they’ll be featured in my August empties instead! As for the last month I’ll start with one of the two cleaners I finished.

COSRX – Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

I bought this cleanser online when I was looking for a non-foaming facial cleanser. However, as with a lot of the descriptions on Yesstyle there were a lot of key words and only some of them were true to the product. What this means is that in the end this is a foaming cleanser. Compared to other foaming cleansers this one was pretty good. It wasn’t too thick of a formula so it foamed up quickly and well and it left my skin feeling squeaky clean. Also the low pH meant it was a slightly softer foaming cleanser to use in the mornings.

Would I repurchase? Maybe.

SOHUM Jonquil – Parade Eco Cedarwick Candle

This was one of those new trend of candles with a cedar wick so that when it burns it’s supposed to sound like wood crackling. I didn’t really get that from the sound. In fact by the end of the candle, the wick was making a high pitchy whiny noise that wasn’t pleasant at all. Which is very disappointing because the scent was amazing. It was light and floral and made my whole room smell of it without being overpowering. I was sad when it burnt out even though I was glad to be rid of the sound.

Would I repurchase? Not with a cedar wick.

Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator

This was a little sample pot given to me when I was purchasing another product from the Clinic range. I’m a bit picky with moisturisers so I really appreciated the chance to try it out first. What impressed me the most about this moisturiser was how long the tiny sample pot lasted. I used this on my face for a over a week so a little lasts a long time. The formula was unlike any other moisturiser I’d tried before, it was very light weight and when applied had an almost silicone feel to it. Very smoothing and softening. It didn’t feel like it sunk in as some of my water based moisturisers feel, I would say the most noticeable difference to my skin would be how smooth and soft it felt. I recommended this product to my mum because I think it would really suit her dry, more mature skin than my oily face.

Would I purchase? Not for my skin type.

Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Lotion

An old favourite of mine. I’ve been using this and the premium version of this product for years now and they’re still a great added boost of moisture to my skincare routine. I use this lighter lotion in the morning to prep my skin for some of my heavier products and it sinks in immediately and leaves my skin ever so slightly tacky and to top it off a single bottle of this will last me about half a year. Maybe I’m not using as much as everyone else but this always feels like a never ending lotion for me and you’ll never catch me complaining about that!

Would I repurchase? Already have.

Skinstitut L-Lactic Cleanser

This was the other cleanser that I used up this month. It is also one of my least favourite foaming facial cleansers that I’ve tried so, spoiler alert, I won’t be buying it again. This had a very thick texture that was almost milky which meant it took a lot longer to work up to a foam and would most of the time turn into a slimy goo on my face instead. It also took a while longer for me to wash this off my face as well so all round I wasn’t impressed at all.

Would I repurchase? No.

And those were all of the products that I finished during July. I have a feeling that with my liberal moisturiser applications during winter there will still be a lot of skincare next month but I’m hoping that there will be some actual makeup products as well.

Until then, I hope you’re as happy and as healthy as can be!

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