Jeffree Star Cosmetics Dirty Money Liquid Lipstick

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is well known for producing very unique beauty products. I’d always wanted to try something from his line and when I had the opportunity I knew I had to try one of his famous liquid lipsticks.

When I first bought this lippie it was right in the middle of the liquid lipstick craze that had gripped the beauty world and I had been swept along in it.

What I have since learnt about myself is that I don’t like liquid lipsticks as they’re too drying for me to feel comfortable. However I have tried many formulas and so I could tell how impressively pigmented this one was.

This formula applies perfectly pigmented with a single swipe and I love the curved sponge of the doe foot applicator. It makes for an easy application in a couple of swipes.

Once applied this lipstick dries down quickly however I noticed that for a little while after it can remain slightly tacky when I press my lips together. This effect will fade after time however it can be a little annoying.

This is also a pretty dry formula however most liquid lipsticks are. And it will settle into the creases of my lips but not so bad that they look like crepe paper.

As it’s a liquid lipstick this will wear for a long time, I can get a good few hours wear before I notice any significant fading around the inside of my lips. It will also last okay throughout eating and drinking unless it’s an oily food that will break down the lipstick formula.

Unfortunately as with buying makeup online, the colour of this lipstick turned out much darker in person than it appeared online but I still think it’s a really interesting colour.

I like this shade Dirty Money against my skin tone however what I didn’t think about was how it would look against my teeth and the truth is that it casts them very yellow.

Yellow teeth is obviously not what I am looking for and I don’t know if this shade will have that effect on everyone or if it’s a case by case scenario but it means that I don’t really wear this lipstick because I become self conscious of how it looks against my teeth.

Over all I think this is a good liquid lipstick formula even if I’m not in love with the shade. The formula is pigmented in one swipe and wears well on my lips without being too drying or catching on any texture. I also really like the doe foot applicator and how it picks up and puts down product.

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