JAMA Deodorant Aluminium & Alcohol Free: Cool Spice

Another product that I’m always on the hunt for is a good, natural deodorant. This Jama Deodorant I discovered in a Tkmaxx store for a reduced price so I was really interested to see how it would perform.

A little research at home revealed that is was a small Australian brand which was even better for me to be supporting local business. As a little aside I really appreciate the effort Jama takes to reduce their waste from their products. My deodorant came in a glass jar and has the option to be repurchased just as a refill pack to minimise the need for new packaging.

JAMA Deodorant Cool Spice Review

The Formula

This a clear formula, in-between a gel and a liquid that applies through the roll on applicator. It didn’t stain any of my clothing however it would take a while to dry down, and sometimes never dry down completely and so it could pick up bits of fluff if I was wearing a jumper or shirt.

The Performance

I bought this deodorant in the middle of Summer in Australia so I really put it to the test. Overall this would control any odours throughout a day if I didn’t excessively sweat. Unfortunately if I did get quite hot and bothered I would get some smells coming through after a few hours of wear and would reapply this to control them.

The Ingredients

Purified Water, Guar gum, Glycerin, Zinc Phenol Sulfonate, Lactamide, Cocoglycerides, Vanilla Extract, Chamomile Extract, Cucumber Extract, Citric Acid, Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Australia Native Flower Essences. Organic Oils: Black Pepper and Vanilla CO2

Overall there’s nothing in the formula that causes too much concern. I wasn’t too worried as this Cool Spice scented version is targeted towards sensitive skin. There is the obvious fragrance through essential oils however I expected fragrance in this deodorant.

Lactamide has some mixed research and conclusions with some saying it’s best used in products that are immediately washed off however there wasn’t enough research for me to determine if it was bad or not.

The Review

Overall this Jama deodorant performed on par with most natural deodorants that I’ve tried. It would hold up for a few hours against the heat however eventually my natural odours would start to come through and I’d be reapplying it to keep them at bay. I’ll be looking at other brands to continue my search for the best natural deodorant out there.

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