IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil

I received a sample size of this product with an online order from Sephora. I hadn’t been looking for another brow pencil at the time however I wore it for a little while to decide if I wanted to keep it or not. So after a few weeks of wear I wanted to write a quick review to give you my thoughts on its performance.

To sum up my experience quickly, it’s a decently good brow pencil but nothing impressive.

 Though it applies very smoothly and pigmented, it will get flaky throughout the day and I can see it fading away at the five or six hour mark. I also don’t like the universal shade claim, its very obviously dark brown and therefore wouldn’t suit a large amount of people, so that irks me whenever I wear it.

I think I’ll be giving this away to someone who I will wear it and enjoy it more than me. I wouldn’t bother to purchase a full size of this in the future either, I’d rather try another formula instead.

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