How I Maintain My Beauty Budget

It’s been a while now since I finished my no-buy year and beauty budget and I thought I’d post an update on how I am maintaining that budget now that I am no longer constantly blogging about it online.

Firstly, budgets are all relative to each individuals income and expenses. The way that I like to maintain my budget is in a couple of ways however the main theme is that I don’t make it too difficult for myself.

I know how I am with maintaining healthy habits and so I know that, personally, I can’t handle guidelines that are too rigid for too long.

So to maintain my budget I have two main steps that I take, the first of which is to be aware of my income and expenses.

I regularly check my accounts to visibly see how much money I have coming in and out each month. And I’m not talking about shopping expenses, I mean bills and subscriptions that need to be paid on a regular basis. I have a simple spreadsheet where I’ve charted my rough income and all of my automatic payments that come out of my account each month. That way I can have a good idea of where I am at financially and am able to know how much I have available to spend.

Once set up that little spread sheet doesn’t need to be changed unless I encounter a new expense that I have to set up payments for. So once done I don’t have to keep updating it all the time. I used to try and write down every time I bought any makeup or skincare however I quickly realised that I won’t maintain that.

Along with that spreadsheet, the main way I keep within a beauty budget is by shifting my mentality towards makeup.

During 2019 I completed my first ever Project Pan in which I dedicated myself towards finishing off a group of makeup products and by the end of the year I had been able to complete that goal.

The time and effort it took for me to finish each of those makeup products left a huge impression on my mind. By knowing that it takes me six months to use up a single bronzer pan I am much more considerate when it comes to buying more bronzer.

I know my makeup habits and I know how long it takes me to use my makeup to completion which I want to do as I don’t have the kind of money to be buying makeup and then decluttering it six months later. So now when a sale pops up on Sephora I can scroll past a lot of the products by simply weighing up if I like them enough to spend months and months wearing them.

These are small steps that I find helpful to maintain my beauty budget. I am not a methodical person who can routinely track each makeup purchase and keep a running tally of that in my mind. I need more organic ways to visualise how a purchase will effect my budget and my beauty collection.

If you have any other ways that you maintain a beauty budget I would love to hear about them, they might be helpful for me too!

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