Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer Review

Like everyone else, I’d long admired the Hourglass brand. Their beauty products are some of the most luxurious I’ve seen in both their packaging and formula.

In the end I was lucky enough to receive this bronzer as a gift and I was very excited to try the formula and see if the brand lived up to my expectations.

As with the brand, the packaging of this Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer is elegant and luxurious. The compact is quite weighty to hold and the golden surface shines in any setting.

Hourglass Radiant Bronze Light

On the inside of the compact is the pressed bronze powder and a clear mirror beneath the lid. The powder has the stunning marble appearance that is a signature of Hourglass and it doesn’t disappear after a brush has been swept over it.

I was a little concerned when I first saw this shade; Radiant Bronze Light is one of the stronger bronzer options and I have very pale skin. When I first applied this I started with a light hand and was blown away by the performance.

The Formula

This is probably the smoothest powder formula I’ve ever worked with. The bronzer glides onto my skin smoothly and blends out effortlessly. There is no patchiness or texture on my cheeks when I wear this bronzer.

On my skin the formula has a radiant effect; not completely matte but rather there is a very skin like sheen to it that makes it wear so naturally once applied. Instead of sitting on the skin this bronzer blends into it, wearing like a natural flush or tan.

The shade is also no issue for my pale skin tone. I can easily swipe a brush into the bronzer and smooth the colour onto my cheeks. It doesn’t lean too orange or brown so it still looks natural to wear.

My Experience

Once applied this bronzer lasts well throughout a day of wear. It will slightly fade with time (as all makeup does) however it doesn’t break apart or become unflattering. I will still have smooth, bronzed skin when nighttime comes around.

Overall I have been blown away by the formula of this bronzer. It’s incredibly smooth to apply to my skin, blending and buffing into a natural bronze that doesn’t become patchy or emphasise texture.

I have been so impressed with the formula that I’d honestly look into buying more shades of this bronzer which is not something I ever do. I’m also excited to try other products from the Hourglass brand, my expectations are high after using this Ambient Lighting Bronzer.

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