Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Facial Oil Review

I finished this a while ago but just wanted to write up a quick review as I had such a strong opinion about this which went against all of its fantastic reviews online.

To sum up my experience with this Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Facial Oil: I hated it.

I thought from the hundreds of good reviews that it would be more cost effective to buy the massive bottle so I did. And then I was stuck using an oil I hated for months because it was too much money to throw out.

This facial oil did absolutely nothing for my skin. It didn’t help my breakouts or reduce my natural oil production as other facial oils have. If anything this oil actually seemed to never sink into my skin so I looked extra oily instead.

It sat on the surface of my face which looked and felt terrible. It also make any makeup application difficult over the top of the oil layer as nothing really wanted to mix well with it.

I actually tried to return this which I have never done with anything I’ve purchased but the formula was so bad that I tried. I wasn’t able to, so I spent months finishing the large bottle and reaffirming how much I hated this oil.

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