Halo Beauty Kiwi Seed Skin Booster


Halo has been my first time using a dietary supplement in an attempt to better my skin.

I do take fish oil and maca tablets as those are meant to aid in hormonal breakouts, which is what I suffer from, but I’d never delved any deeper into the area than that. So when Tati Westbrook announced on her YouTube channel that she was producing a skin boosting multivitamin my interest was piqued.

I went to the website to find out about pricing and quickly realised it was much more expensive than what I was willing to spend. Unfortunately with many products that are recommended to me online, when the currency conversion and shipping add to the total, I simply can’t afford them.

So my exploration into the Kiwi Seed Skin Booster was stalled for many months until one day I received an email advertising a Halo Beauty special for a weekend event of free global shipping if you purchased three bottles or more. It was exactly the incentive I needed and so I bought three bottles of Halo Kiwi to try.

I will start by saying that my skin is usually okay throughout the month, a few spots nothing much, but when it hits the week of my period all hell breaks loose. On my nose, cheeks and chin I will get really large, painful, red breakouts and that was what I was hoping the Kiwi Seed Skin Booster might help me with.

Throughout the first month there wasn’t much change until the end. But by the second month I could see the changes for myself, I think I had 2 spots the entire time.

Each month when my period came I did get some breakouts again, but nothing compared to what I was experiencing when not taking Halo. I had a couple of large spots but that was about it. This pattern continued through my third month and last bottle so that when I did run out of the Kiwi Booster I went back to Halo and bought 3 more bottles.

Now this is when it gets interesting.

Because the fourth month was fine but by the end of the fifth month my skin was getting progressively worse to the point where at the end of my sixth month and my final bottle my skin was almost back to where I’d started. It’s been about a week since I finished the last bottle and I’m not going to be repurchasing more anytime soon.

Since then I’ve been reading up about multivitamins and while the research is varied and difficult to come to a solid conclusion, frequently it is mentioned that vitamins such as the Kiwi Seed Skin Booster work best when taken in doses for a certain period of time only.

The way I was taking them, continuously over many months, meant that the effect was eventually wearing off.

I think for the future I would try the Kiwi Seed Skin Booster again, but only for a maximum of three months at a time and with another significant amount of time passing in-between.

For example, I am thinking I will next try taking the multivitamins for three months then going off them for three months and seeing how my skin fares with that.

If you’ve tried the Kiwi Seed Skin Booster or any other multivitamin I’d be very interested to hear how that worked out for you, if you saw any results and if you take them constantly or go through period of use. Please leave a comment below!

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