Grown Alchemist Intensive Body Cream Review

My skin will react badly to cool, dry climates so during Winter I’m looking for a moisturiser to keep my skin healthy and hydrated.

I’d heard of Grown Alchemist before but had never tried anything from the brand until I picked up this Intensive Body Cream with Rosa Damascena, Acai, Pomegranate.

Grown Alchemist say “this intensive body cream is formulated to maximise hydration levels while increasing skin elasticity and firmness. Skin appears revitalised and feeling beautifully soft.

What initially drew me into purchasing this cream was the packaging. A big, silver tube made from hardened premium PET plastic. It’s the type of packaging that looks and feels very organic and almost medicinal which I think pairs well with a skincare range.

Grown Alchemist Intensive Body Cream

The Formula

As for the actual formula, this is an Intensive Body Cream so it is a thicker cream than a regular lotion.

The colour is a slightly yellowed off white and the texture is thick and creamy. There is a slight fragrance however nothing overpowering or artificial. It’s easy to smooth over my skin and it sinks in quickly without feeling sticky or slippery afterwards.

Immediately after application my skin will feel hydrated and soft. It will remain that way for a while however I have noticed that my skin will start to feel dry and tight after around an hour from application.

My Experience

I’ve been testing this cream during Winter when my skin is driest and I found that the hydrating effect of this cream doesn’t last long enough for my liking. I also found that as my skin became very dry this cream would start to irritate it upon application.

If my hands are starting to flake or crack from drying out then this cream will sting and itch instead of sooth which concerns me.

Another thing I found was that when I got down to the end of the tube it would split in places when I was trying to squeeze out the last of this cream which caused a big mess for the last few days of use.

Overall, I think this cream is okay for a decent level of moisturisation however nothing that would heal very dry or cracked hands. On my cracked skin it would sting and itch so I would only apply it on my skin to maintain hydration rather than heal any severe dryness.

Because it didn’t heal any of my severe dryness I am unimpressed with this Grown Alchemist Intensive Body Cream as it’s name and purpose is supposed to be intense hydration.

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