Go-To Lips! Review

I am a lip balm fiend. It started in high school and now I can’t go anywhere without one. The Go-To Lips! Super Balm has been trending in beauty circles lately and so I wanted to try it for myself.

The brand Go-To is actually founded by an Australian, Zoë Foster Blake, so I wanted to support a lady entrepreneur who comes from my own country! I was very excited to try this Lips! Super Balm and see how it compared to my other faves.

The packaging and amount of product is very similar to other popular lip balms. It’s the classic tube and applicator from many of my favourites, in fact it’s the same size and shape as the Ultra Violette Sheen Screen
 Lip Balm which I love.

Compared to the Ultra Violette Sheen Screen this Go-To Lips! is a lot cheaper however it also doesn’t contain any SPF which the Sheen Screen does.

Go-To Lips! Super Balm

In terms of its formula, the Go-To Lips! is a little on the thinner side for a balm. It’s in between a balm and a lip oil which makes sense as its ingredients list contains a blend of butters, oils and lanolin.

It’s completely transparent in colour and wears like a clear sheen of gloss on the lips. According to Go-To this can be used as a base for lipstick however I only ever wore it alone as a balm.

A swatch comparison of my current lip balms

As for how it hydrated my lips, I will say that I was a little disappointed. Due to it being a blend of balm and lip oil it was a little too lightweight for me. My lips tend to dry and crack easily and I found that by the end of this balm my lips were feeling quite tight even when I was wearing this.

I also found that as I neared the end of the tube the formula would seem to get stuck in the tube and by the time I was squeezing hard enough to get any product out, the balm would pop out of the tube all at once and make a mess. I don’t know if that was a weird problem specific to me however it did become annoying when I would end up with a mouthful of balm as it had burst out of the tube.

Overall I would say that this Go-To Lips! is a nice lightweight balm for someone needing simple hydration for their already healthy lips. For my dry lips it wasn’t enough. My lips were feeling tight and uncomfortable by the end of this tube. For comparison I prefer the Lanolips or Ultra Violette balms.

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