Garnier Delicate Eyes & Skin Micellar Water Review

I’ve been using the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for many years however every now and then I like to stray from the original formula and try one of their latest versions.

This Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for Delicate Eyes & Skin caught my attention as my skin can get tender around my eyes when I’m removing my makeup. Previously I’ve tried their Milky Water formula, also for sensitive skin, however I wasn’t a fan of that so I was hoping this would be a better option for me.

The Formula

The feeling of this micellar water is the same as their original formula. It’s nice and thin and a little will go a long way. The formula of this Delicate Eyes & Skin Micellar water does need to be shaken first to mix everything together and from then I soak a little into a cotton pad and gently wipe over my face.

I don’t generally use micellar water as the first step to remove my makeup, it normally follows an oil cleanser that has taken off most of my makeup and then I use the micellar water to remove any lasting traces left on my skin. For that purpose this has been an effective product.

The Review

True to it’s name this doesn’t irritate my eyes however I also try to not let any get too close to my eye area. I also haven’t experienced any irritation or sensitivity from this formula.

Overall I do like this version of the Garnier Micellar water however I think when I’ve finished it I’ll most likely go back to using their original formula as I can’t find any major benefits to continuing with this one.

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