Fyrinnae Powder Highlighter: In The Spotlight

One of many reasons why I love Fyrinnae is that they offer sample sizes for so many of their products.

With the amount of makeup that I already own, I never finish full sized products unless I dedicatedly use them every day. With this product in particular I am doing exactly that as it is a product in my project pan, so hopefully with continued use I will work my way through it.

This sample highlighter is a tiny little thing but it allows me to try a new highlighting formula without having a huge amount of product to go through.

I’d never tried a highlighter from Fryinnae before this however the last time I bought a haul from them I decided to branch out from their eyeshadows and try a couple of new products too.

In The Spotlight is described as a pale golden-yellow shade with a hint of gold shimmer. No sparkle! And I would say that’s pretty spot on. In the sample pot there is probably 1/2 a teaspoon of loose highlighter but don’t worry, a little goes a long way.

To apply loose highlighter I very gently pick up a small amount on the tip of a highlighting brush and then tap the brush into the lid of the highlighter to disperse the powder through the bristles. Then I apply as normal, buffing the product onto my cheekbones, temples etc. The sample jar cost me AUD$1.75 which is ridiculously cheap, even a full sized jar only costs AUD$9.00.

As stated above, this highlighter doesn’t contain any sparkles. There are no micro glitters or shimmers in this. The effect of this highlighter is very natural and glowing instead. In fact, this is the highlighter that I use when I want to look like I’m not wearing highlighter at all!

By applying this highlighter to my cheeks I can bring back a little satin skin finish to my mattified face. It very softly adds  dimension when it catches the light however it’s barely anything. This gives me a subtle sheen on my cheeks so that I look healthy instead of flat and the colour is well suited to my pale skin tone, so it’s a very natural highlighting effect.

As for how this highlighter wears, it will gently fade throughout the day like all makeup will so after eight hours I can’t really notice the effect anymore unless I’ve heavily applied the product.

The main issue I have with this highlighter is that it’s a loose powder formula. This isn’t anything that effects how the highlighter wears or applies or anything like that, this is only an issue when it comes to travel and convenience.

However I also say that with any loose powder product I own. It’s always a hassle to travel with multiple loose powders so when I do pack makeup to travel with, I make a preference for packed or baked product first before anything else.

I’ve been using this highlighter a lot lately as I’ve included it in my current project pan so I’ve gotten a good understanding of its pros and cons.

This is a very natural, not glittery highlighter that I use on days when I don’t want to look like I’m wearing highlight. It gives subtle dimension to my face without adding texture or any pigmentation. It’s also what I consider very affordable.

If you’re wanting a natural, very light highlighter and don’t mind the loose powder formula then this will give you that at a good price.

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