Fyrinnae Finishing Powder: Bollywood Sorcery

As you might already know I love my Fyrinnae loose eyeshadows. However the other products I’ve bought from Fyrinnae have been rather hit and miss instead and this finishing powder appears to be the same.

Though to be honest, I knew when I bought this powder that I was taking a little gamble with the colour. Even though the Fyrinnae website describes it as a completely transparent, yellow-beige hued glow that will work on very pale to very  dark skin, I had my doubts.

The powder itself is loose and comes in the same plastic style container that all my Fyrinnae products have come in. To the naked eye it does have a significant tint and the finish is similar to an Hourglass product in that it’s a glow rather than a shine or glitter. To apply the powder I pick up a small amount on my brush and then tap that brush onto the container lid to remove any excess powder.

In the end, after many trial and error runs I have decided that I can make this work as a setting powder however the effort required for me to do that means that I would never really bother. If I only put a tiny amount of the powder on my brush and make sure it’s dispersed throughout the bristles then I can apply this in sections to my face without leaving a tint. However, if there is even a little bit too much on the brush or a clump of powder is stuck together then it will leave an almost dirty looking mark on my face that I will have to blend and blend and cover with foundation to even my skin back out.

As a setting powder I can’t say I noticed any of the glow that this powder is supposed to provide, nor does it provide any oil control, not that it was ever advertised to. The reason I never saw any of the light diffusing glow was because I was never able to apply this powder liberally due to the tint it would add to my skin. In the last few weeks I’ve actually been using this powder instead of a setting powder as a bronzing powder and after building it up a bit, it does provide a nice glow to my cheeks.

So after testing this powder out I can say now that I will be finishing this powder off as a loose bronzer instead of  setting powder. Unfortunately even though Fyrinnae says that this powder doesn’t leave any colour I have found that too easily it will leave a dark mark here and there on my skin, however as a bronzer it’s a perfect light bronze to warm up my pale skin.

The Review

As a setting powder I would only recommend this to you if you have a medium to dark skin tone and like the dewy, glowy effect. I wouldn’t recommend this as a setting powder for anyone with oily skin because you will end the day very shiny. As a setting powder it wears well throughout the day, it didn’t settle or break up anywhere so aside from the lack of oil control it would be a nice setting powder to provide a nice glowy finish. However as someone with oily skin, I won’t be repurchasing this.

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