Fyrinnae Cosmetics Pixie Epoxy

This is Fyrinnaes specific glitter “glue”, designed to to hold the sparkliest eye shadows of any brand in place hours longer, and minimize sparkle “fallout”. It’s not necessary to use beneath their eyeshadows however I’d heard good things about this online so I bought one to try.

I’ll start by saying this is not a primer, on my oily eyelids it will crease and wear off unless I have an actual primer underneath it. However on top of a primer and underneath glitter this really does make the pigment stick in place and even though Fyrinnae say you don’t need it underneath their shadows I think it definitely improves the pigment and wear time.

However one important thing to note is that this is a glitter/shimmer base. If you try and put a matte eyeshadow over the top of this it will discolour the shadow and muddy everything else so don’t do that.

Also the other main negative that I’ve found is that even with an eyeshadow primer underneath this Pixie Epoxy sometimes it will still crease on my eyelids but for the most part it stays okay.

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