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One of the Youtubers who I watch as regularly as she updates is Melissa Gold, she is very candid and open in her videos and I love her style of makeup and the content she releases. Her series 10 Looks 1 Palette/Project 10 Wears is frequently a source of inspiration to me in both make-up and as a reason to use some of my products that I normally wouldn’t.

I bring Melissa Gold up because she is the reason I discovered the brand Fyrinnae and their eyeshadows. In case you haven’t heard of them, Fyrinnae is an online indie cosmetic company who produce really interesting products and by really interesting I mean everything from whipped metallic lipsticks to duo chrome colour shifting shadows.

Every time I wear Fyrinnae eyeshadows I get so many compliments because they are such unique and flattering colours.

In this first haul I that bought from Fyrinnae I have six eyeshadows, one blush, their oil control finishing powder and their glitter base – Pixie Epoxy. I only ordered five of those six eyeshadows but I got one a free sample which is always appreciated and exciting as a surprise.

As you have probably already noticed if you’ve not skipped the talking above is that I love my Fyrinnae eyeshadows. I’ve been wearing and using them for many months now and I still find myself tilting my head in the mirror to see different angles of their shifting colours, they’re so pretty.

This is going to be a long post because I’ll be giving you my thoughts on all of my eyeshadows, as well as the blush, setting powder and glitter base. So to start with I’ll talk about the Fyrinnae oil control setting powder.

Oil Control Setting Powder

As I have very oily skin I’m always interested in trying new oil control products so when I saw this powder stocked online I added it straight into my cart.

In the months that I’ve been using this powder the positives that I have found are that this powder will set my face without caking my makeup which can sometimes happen with a setting powder. It also doesn’t leave a white cast on my skin even though it does have a white colour and when I finish my routine with a setting spray this powder will settle and blend into a skin like finish.

Unfortunately there are also some negatives with this powder, the main one being that it’s not the best powder I’ve tried for oil control. It will keep me matte for a few hours however after that the effect will wear off and I’ll start to look quite slick by midday. Another issue that I’ve picked up on is that the container is a little difficult to work with. It’s on the smaller side for a setting powder and I have found that the lid can sometimes come loose and spill a little powder.

So even though it isn’t very good at controlling my oil, I do like using this as an all over powder to set my face and then I use another powder just around my nose where I get specifically oily. However as an oil control setting powder it’s not the best and I won’t be buying it for that purpose again.

Pixie Epoxy

This is Fyrinnaes specific glitter “glue”, designed to to hold the sparkliest eye shadows of any brand in place hours longer, and minimize sparkle “fallout”. It’s not necessary to use beneath their eyeshadows however I’d heard good things about this online so I bought one to try.

I’ll start by saying this is not a primer, on my oily eyelids it will crease and wear off unless I have an actual primer underneath it. However on top of a primer and underneath glitter this really does make the pigment stick in place and even though Fyrinnae say you don’t need it underneath their shadows I think it definitely improves the pigment and wear time.

However one important thing to note is that this is a glitter/shimmer base. If you try and put a matte eyeshadow over the top of this it will discolour the shadow and muddy everything else so don’t do that.

Also the other main negative that I’ve found is that even with an eyeshadow primer underneath this Pixie Epoxy sometimes it will still crease on my eyelids but for the most part it stays okay.

Powder Blush: Nordic Angel

I was interested in trying a few of Fyrinnae’s cheek products and I’m so glad that they offer their products in sample sizes because I picked up a mini of this blush to try out.

The finish of this is a matte blush which I quite like and the formula is very pigmented, you don’t need a lot to go a long way and once applied the blush is very long wearing. Possibly because it’s a loose powder it makes it difficult to control how much product I pick up on my brush but it’s just a little thing that I can get over.

Also, obviously with this blush being in a tiny container it makes this a little difficult to use however I expected that when I bought the sample size so I don’t mind that too much.

Edit: I just read on their website that this blush is not for use on the eyes. I didn’t have any issues but just in case, I wouldn’t recommend wearing it on your eyes.

Fyrinnae Eyeshadows

Finally, the main reason I purchased from Fyrinnae, their eyeshadows. Like the other powder products above these eyeshadows are also loose powders however I have seen now that Fyrinnae is starting to release pressed shadows available in palettes on their website so those will be interesting to test as well.

For these shadows, across the board they are all very pigmented and will wear for an entire day as long as they’re on a good base. I use an eyeshadow primer and some sort of a glitter glue and the shadows will stay all day.

So far I have been so excited and impressed with the eyeshadows I purchased. I chose a mixture of colours and finishes however they are all beautiful and unique, with colours and shifts that I’ve never seen before and that never fail to bring in a lot of compliments when I wear them.

The only issue that I can find with these eyeshadows is obvious, because they are loose shadows I can experience a bit of fall out upon application however that’s not an issue for me as that can happen with many other shadows and brands as well.

Overall I love the Fyrinnae eyeshadows! Even though I only bought sample sizes of them all there is plenty enough in the little pots to last me a long time. The colours are pigmented, the shimmers are beautiful and blend really nicely into a matte transition.

The colour shifting shades are exactly as they look in a swatch on your arm as they do on your eyelid, the colours will change with light so noticeably that people have commented multiple times to me how cool they are. With a glitter base the colours lasts for at least eight hours on me and don’t fade or lose their shine. I would definitely recommend trying a few samples of these.

Left to right: On Wings Of Silk, Orangutan, Fantasy Creatures, Tea & Candy Canes, Pyromantic Erotica and Conjuror. all Swatched over Pixie Epoxy.

Have you tried any products from Fyrinnae? If you have any favourites please let me know, I’m probably going to be making more purchases from them in the future so I’d love to hear any recommendations!

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