Fyrinnae Cosmetics Eyeshadows Review

Fyrinnae makes the most amazing, colour shifting eyeshadows that I’ve ever used. I can find nothing like them from traditional stores such as Mecca or Sephora.

This is the second big haul of Fyrinnae eyeshadows that I’ve bought after I fell in love with the formula and colours from the first group. I already have a review up of those eyeshadow which I’ll link here for you to read.

So when I realised I was running through my first lot fairly quickly, I went back online and bought some more eyeshadows to try.

Fyrinnae sells most of their eyeshadows as a full size or a mini (sample) size and I’ve found that the minis are more than enough for me anyway so I can buy a wider range of shadows for a little less which I appreciate.

I have also only ever used their loose eyeshadow formula however I have seen that they are now selling certain shades as pressed eyeshadows which you can customise in a palette.

I found that I could add a little rubbing alcohol to my loose shadows and press them into a pan myself. I wouldn’t trust them to travel as they were a little fragile however it was easier to see them laid out in a palette.

By the time I started to write this review I realised that I had already finished a couple of the shades so I couldn’t photograph them all in their sample pots however I was able to swatch every shade for comparison and photograph them on the eye which I find helpful.


The formula of these eyeshadows changes as some are more matte whereas others are mettalic and one is glitter.

All of the finishes are extremely pigmented although the more glittery they get the more I can experience fall out upon application. After application there is minimal to no fallout.

These are all also loose eyeshadows however Fyrinnae has since starting selling pressed eyeshadows for some of their shades. I never have any issues with loose powders as I mentioned above the only fallout comes from the glitter shades which is to be expected.


Although I have a range of finishes with these eyeshadows the consistent points among them all is that they are highly pigmented and long wearing.

The colours wont fade throughout the day however you will have to apply some sort of glitter base. Fyrinnae sell their own which they recommend to use with their shadows, it’s called Pixie Epoxy. I prime my eyelids before any eye makeup so this is no bother to me.

As they are so pigmented a little will go a long way. They are also very easy to blend without any patchiness.

There’s really no issue I have with these eyeshadows which is why they’ve featured in my yearly favourites in previous posts. They’re pigmented, long wearing, blend easily and they come in a range of stunning and unique shades.


I’ve swatched all of the shades I ordered on my arm over the Pixie Epoxy base. I have also swatched all of the shades (except Kurisumasu! because I forgot) plus a sample shade Fyrinnae included on my eyes.

(Eye swatches are under flash)

Arm Swatches are over primer and in natural indoor light

The Review

Overall I love the Fyrinnae Eyeshadows that I have bought. Throughout the various finishes I have tried each one is pigmented, long wearing and the shades are all stunning.

Once I have used up this group of eyeshadows I will most likely be heading back to the Fyrinnae website to try some new colour shifting shades.

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