Frank Body Taupe-less Lip Tint

Frank Body Taupe-less Lip Tint

I love a glossy lip. Balms, glosses and oils are my favourite lip products to wear. So when my lips were chapped and in need of a little help, I turned to this Frank Body Taupe-less Lip Tint to provide a bit of colour and a bit of healing.

According to Frank Body, this Taupe-less Lip Tint leaves a rosy, natural blush on lips & cheeks with coffee seed and coconut oils help hydrate skin and plump up lips.

While my chapped lips weren’t so bad that I wanted a healing ointment I did choose this product specifically with the intention of using its ingredients to smooth out my lips. There were two shades to choose from and ideally I wanted a clear gloss however from the two options I chose the Taupe-less tint as the alternative Cherry Bomb would have been too much for my daily wear.

Frank Body Taupe-less Lip Tint

The Formula

Now, as always, shopping online can lead to surprises when the product arrives and I experienced a little of that with this Taupe-less shade. Online it was a peachy appearing nude however in person it was more rusty, terracotta.

Especially against my pale skin, this shade was actually quite pigmented and not what I would wear as a “nude”. However on my cheeks as a blush/tint I would apply it a lot sheerer and so it did blend out to be a peachy nude then.

The other surprise to me was the strong coffee scent and flavour. While I knew there was coffee seed oil in the formula I didn’t realise that would result in such a potent coffee flavour and scent in the balm. The scent would eventually fade over time however the flavour remained always.

I personally don’t mind a little scent in my makeup however I don’t like strong flavours in lip products. Every time I talked I would end up with a sickly, sweet tang in my mouth from this balm.

My Experience

As for how it healed my chapped lips, it was disappointing. With its claims of healing ingredients I had hoped it would be able to smooth out my dry lips. Unfortunately this performed quite poorly when it came to providing any hydration or healing.

This is a product that is best applied to already healthy and moisturised lips as it locks in moisture well. Unfortunately it doesn’t add any moisture which is what I wanted it to do. So in the end I turned to a different lip product to heal my chapped lips.

In the swatches below the Frank Body Lip Tint was similar to my Lanolips Ointment and Go-To Lips!

Out of those three my favourite would be the Lanolips 101 Ointment. It will actually heal my lips while looking like a gloss. It also layers well with my lipsticks if I ever wanted to add any colour. The Go-To Lips! is also nice however I think the Lanolips is better for soothing and I prefer its lack of flavour.

Frank Body Taupe-less Lip Tint
Comparison swatches with my other lip balms

The Review

I’ve spent the past few months using this Frank Body Lip Tint and it’s not my type of lip balm.

The tint was fine but the formula wasn’t hydrating or healing enough for me. In fact while wearing this during the day I would feel as though my lips were gradually tightening. By the end of the day I would want to be applying a thicker, hydrating balm to my lips over night.

On my cheeks the colour was pretty however the balmy, stickiness was a little more than what I usually go for, even for a cream cheek product. Its pigmentation would also fade fairly quickly so I didn’t even really like it as a blush.

For how many balms there are in the market this Frank Body Taupe-less Lip Tint just didn’t impress me enough that I would buy it again before trying a different brand.

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