Foreo Luna Play Plus

I’d heard about these Foreo Luna facial cleansing brushes for a long time and eventually the positive reviews led me to purchase this Play Plus version for myself. Previously I’ve used physical facial brushes or buffers however I’ve always felt like they were too harsh for my skin. I suffer from frequent breakouts and worry that a harsh scrubber is only worsening them.

The Foreo Luna line of cleansing brushes are made with silicone bristles to be more hygienic and gentle compared to bristle brushes or facial buffers. The silicone bristles of the Luna Play Plus pulsate when it is turned on to remove dirt, oil, sweat and dead skin cells. The pulsations are battery powered, with the Luna supporting 400 uses per battery.

Foreo Luna Play Plus review
Foreo Luna Play Plus
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Foreo Luna Play Plus review
Foreo Luna Play Plus
Instructional Guide

How To

I typically wash my face in the shower of a morning so I only use this Foreo Luna at night. In my nighttime skincare routine I will always double cleanse to be sure my skin is bare and fresh. The first cleanse in an oil cleanser which I wash away with warm water. I then apply a foaming cleanser to my face and clean my skin using the Foreo Luna Play Plus.

I will sweep the Luna across my skin making circular motions and being careful to not be too rough. I’ll use the Luna for 1 minute before rinsing my face clean with warm water. To clean my Luna I simply run it under warm water to wash off any excess cleanser lingering on the bristles.

My Experience

What I really like about this Luna Play Plus is the convenience. I love how clean and hygienic it is to use. Completely silicone to touch I don’t have to worry about washing my face with an old cloth that’s starting to develop spots. I also like how many uses one battery provides. With 400 uses per battery it’s more cost efficient for me to spend the $75 and own this for years than to be buying a $10 buffer every few months. The Luna is more gentle on my skin than a brush or buffer so I don’t have to worry about irritating my skin and setting off a breakout. Finally the pulsations aid the cleansing of my skin to really remove the skincare and makeup of the day before it clogs up in my pores.

That’s a long list of things I like about this Foreo Luna Play Plus. It’s changed my skincare routine for the better and has made my life easier. For me it’s been well worth buying.

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