Flower Beauty Forever Wear Eyeliner Sapphire Review

Ever since the Flower Beauty brand was created as the brainchild of Drew Barrymore I knew I wanted to try it.

It’s become a trend of late for celebrities to release their own makeup line and I feel like most of them are just jumping at the opportunity to get money quickly with no real intention behind the brand. That is not the feeling I had when I heard about Flower Beauty.

Drew Barrymore’s straight forward, no-nonsense philosophy of empowerment is that women everywhere deserve the best quality, most efficacious products at an affordable price. I watched videos of her interacting with influencers and showcasing the brand and she came of as very genuinely believing in the empowerment of women and so I appreciate Flower Beauty that much more.

Recently I purchased a few products from Flower Beauty and this Sapphire Forever Wear Liner was one of them.

I’ve tried a few liners in the past and have only ever liked the Marc Jacobs Highliner however even then it never lasts in my waterline.

Flower Beauty Forever Wear Eyeliner

This Flower Beauty eyeliner comes in a wind up tube the same colour as the liner which I appreciate. On the end there is a cap with a sharpener if you ever need to sharpen the liner to a fine point.

As for the formula, this is a very creamy and smooth liner. It applies decently pigmented with one swipe however I will go in again to build it up to its maximum colour.

lower Beauty Forever Wear Liner Sapphire Swatched

The Formula Review

In my waterline this does okay however it will significantly fade as most eyeliners do in my waterline.

Along my lash line and onto my eyelids this performs very nicely. Once applied I have a little bit of time to play around before it really sets down and once it is set it will wear well throughout the day.

Over eight to ten hours this liner will fade slightly and transfer a little on my hooded eyelids however honestly it’s only a shadow of blue in one corner so it’s never really noticeable.

As for the colour, I really like this shade of blue. It’s very flattering can be built up to look so dark it’s almost black. I wear this mostly alone as a statement blue, smoky eye and I really love that effect.

The only thing I will say is that I seem to be going through this faster than other liners. As the formula is so soft and buttery, it’s easy to wear this liner down.

Overall I like this Flower Beauty Forever Wear Liner in the shade Sapphire. For how little it costs compared to other more expensive liners it’s pigmented, long wearing with minimal fading or transferring.

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