Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops – Bubbly

flower beauty blush bomb bubbly review

Flower Beauty is Drew Barrymore’s makeup brand. I love Drew already and the story behind the brand is exactly what I’d hoped – “You’re already beautiful, now let’s play.” These Blush Bomb Color Drops are cream blushes that I’d wanted to play with from the moment I saw them. I’m a big cream blush fan and the shade Bubbly was unlike anything else in my collection.

Flower Beauty is what I consider to be an affordable beauty brand here in Australia. This blush cost me $5.99 and most of their other products fall in that range.

These Blush Bomb Color Drops for Cheeks are tubes of cream blush that come in 6 shades. I’ve seen them compared online to the Glossier Cloud Paint’s however I’ve never tried that formula myself. In each Blush Bomb there is 9ml of product which looks quite small however you don’t need a lot of the formula to build up a nice flush of colour. I have the shade Bubbly which is a cool pink and quite unique to my collection.

Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops – Bubbly

Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops bubbly review

How To

Flower Beauty say to use a finger to dab the blush onto the apples of your cheeks and blend to your desired effect. You can also get creative and mix different shades together to create a custom hue.

I don’t have different shades but if I did I would definitely try mixing them. I like to apply this by dispersing it from the tube straight onto my cheeks and then blending out with a brush. Personally I don’t like to touch my face too much as my sensitive skin can break out easily if there’s anything on my hands.

My Experience

I apply this slightly differently to how Flower Beauty describe but I’ve never had a problem applying this blush straight to my cheeks and blending out from there. It’s really hard for me to imagine how this blush could ever be an issue to apply. The formula of this is very creamy and dewy so it blends out like a dream with no patchiness or texture. Obviously as this is a cream product so it wont sit well if you apply it over the top of powder products, that’s just how things work.

Once this blush is applied it sits like a second skin. The finish is dewy but it will settle into a natural satin as the day goes on. It’s a cream blush so the pigmentation isn’t crazy but it is buildable which I think is ideal for a blush. I really can’t stress enough how natural this blush looks to wear. If I apply this over a light coverage base it looks like a completely natural flush to my cheeks.

The staying power of this cream blush isn’t as strong as a powder blush would be however it is still visible on my skin at the end of a day. It never muddies my makeup or breaks up as the day wears on. I will end the day with a slightly faded flush of colour that still looks like skin.

Overall I have nothing negative to say about this blush which is truly incredible. From its price point to its performance I’ve loved everything about this Flower Beauty Blush Bomb. The shade Bubbly looks lovely and fresh on my skin and I’d definitely be interested in trying more colours from the range in the future.

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