February Empties Makeup & Skincare

I was really looking forward to using my makeup coming into this month. As I finished January there were a few makeup products that I was getting close to finishing and I really wanted to use them up!

Now that the month is over I am happy to report that I used up a lot of the makeup that I had hit pan on previously, a few of the products also being ones that I have owned for many years now and am glad that I was able to finish them and see them exit my collection.


Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover

I used to be a person who thought all eye makeup removers were the same but since using this Clinique formula my opinion has since changed. This is by far the best eye makeup remover that I’ve used and I’m comparing that to previous drug store formulas and more high end formulas such as the Lancome Eye Makeup Remover. The Clinique formula is powerful enough to wipe off my eye makeup and mascara quickly and yet soft enough to not irritate my skin. It also doesn’t irritate my eyes as some other formulas have in the past and a little bit goes a long way.

Would I buy again? Yes, already repurchased.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Targeted Gel

I remember, years ago, trying this blemish gel and not being impressed, so when I received a voucher for The Body Shop recently I tacked one of these onto the transaction and decided to give it another go. What I will say against this gel is that it’s a small tube and so it only lasted me around a month before it ran out so I wasn’t impressed with that. What I was impressed with was how well this did work. Compared to my old memories, this gel performed much better this second time around. It’s no miracle cream that erases blemishes overnight however after a few days of applying this gel morning and night to targeted blemish areas I saw noticeable reduction in the size and redness of the blemish and a much faster healing time overall. It’s not often with blemish control products that I can visibly tell a difference to my skin and could easily see how this gel quickened the healing process for my blemishes so I was very impressed with the performance of this little tube.

Would I buy again? Yes.

Cinch Face Cheat(er) Moisturising Cream + Glow

This product was making the rounds online when I ran out of my day moisturiser and decided to try it out. Wow was that a good idea, within a couple of months it had made it into my 2019 Favourites post; the only skincare product in that post, as it was the only skincare product I tried last year that impressed me so much. This is a light feeling cream however it moisturised my skin well and left it looking plump and glowing. I have oily skin and usually don’t go for “glowy” effect skincare however this was not oily looking at all, truly I looked like my best version, fresh faced and beaming.

Would I buy again? Yes!

Garnier Pure Skin Facial Cleanser Deep Pore Wash

The latest face scrub that I’ve gone through; I like to have one in the shower for when I’m too lazy to do my full cleansing routine. Previously I’ve tried facial scrubs, like this one with physical exfoliates in it, that were too rough however I quite liked this formula. I used it on average once a day and my skin never felt too raw or overdone. It would foam up really well and I only needed a small amount to feel as though my face had been thoroughly cleaned. While I change my skincare products too often to ever be able to directly link one product to an improvement in my skin, I must say that my face has been nicely clear of late, with minimal breakouts or excessive oil so clearly this wash must have kept my skin clean.

Would I buy again? Yes.


CoverGirl Trublend Blush Light Rose

I can’t believe I’ve finished this blush. It’s one of the first makeup products I ever bought and the only blush I used for my first year of wearing makeup. I think I heard about it online and bought it in a local supermarket and after all these years and the various blushes I’ve since tried it’s still one of my favourite formulas and colours. This isn’t a matte blush, it has very soft shimmers in it that create a lovely skin-like effect when dusted onto the cheeks and the colour is nicely pigmented to be built to how you like plus it will wear well throughout the day without fading or patching. While the aim of my 2020 year is to reduce the size of my makeup collection I’m sure I will miss this blush in the coming months.

Would I buy again? Yes.

Oxx Super Shine Lip Gloss

Another Oxx Gloss finished, only one more to go! This gloss has been featuring in my empties for many consecutive months now as I bought a 10 pack of them at the end of 2018 and have been working my way through the set since then. As for the formula, I really like it. It’s a no fuss, solid gloss with a moisturising feel without being sticky. The packaging is great for travel and application on the go. The only point I could find for improvement would be to increase the pigmentation of the various shades but aside from that there’s nothing I can complain about with this formula.

Would I repurchase? Yes, but not in a 10 pack!

Maybelline New York Great Lash Waterproof Mascara

Another old product that has finally run its course. I bought this mascara along with the CoverGirl blush from above. Both have been with me since I first began wearing makeup and while I know mascara is only supposed to be used for 6 months I don’t have the budget to be buying and dropping mascaras that quickly. It’s been years now of owning this mascara and the formula maintained its quality throughout. Right at the end of the tube the mascara was becoming quite clumpy however I knew it was nearing the end so it definitely impressed me with its good run. This mascara coats my lashes quickly and with such pigment! It’s one of the blackest looking formulas I’ve tried and would last throughout a whole day without flaking. It’s a well recognised cult favourite mascara for a reason and I can only agree with the general consensus.

Would I buy again? Yes.

Fyrinnae Beyond Binary Loose Eye Shadow

Wow, do I love my Fyrinnae loose eyeshadows and this one in

particular is a good example of that. When I first received this shadow I was a little underwhelmed, it’s colourshift wasn’t as dramatic as some of my others and so it got pushed to the side. When I finally decided to buckle down and use it up I quickly realised how beautiful its formula was. This applied so smoothly, it’s exactly the type of shimmer that I like. It had no glitter flecks, only a metallic sheen with a blinding glow that I actually ended up using and loving as a highlighter. It didn’t emphasis my skin texture at all which is funny because it’s sold as an eyeshadow. It was actually the best highlighter formula that I’ve ever tried, you would need to have fairly light, neutral skin to use it as a highlighter however I, fortunately, do so I’m actually going to miss this shadow that underwhelmed me at first.

Would I buy again? Yes.


Bar None Hydrating Hair Shampoo

This caught my attention for its sustainable packaging. Coming in a recyclable aluminum bottle, it was the first time I’d seen that for hair care, they had a range targeting various hair issues and I went for the generic hydrating formula. I will say that I really liked the formula. It made my hair incredibly soft and clean and the bottle lasted me months and months of use. It also never stung my eyes which I can’t say I can remember happening before and I greatly appreciate. I’ve since looked up on their website and they’re now selling the formula as a shampoo or conditioner bar which I would also be interested in trying, it had very positive reviews online.

Would I buy again? Yes.

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

I suffer from very dry, cracked skin on my hands during Winter and so I am perpetually trying new hand creams in search of a savior to my skin. This small tube caught my attention with the claim of containing more than 200 applications in the one container – just a dab relieves dry skin – said the labeling. So I bought a bottle to try and I will say that it did last me a very long time. Unfortunately as I didn’t like the formula that wasn’t exactly a bonus for me. This is too thick for my liking, a small application would leave an almost waxy feeling on my skin that would eventually sink in however it’s not the type of moisturiser that I prefer. It did sooth my skin and keep it nicely soft however the thickness of formula wasn’t my favourite so I’ll be trying a new brand next time.

Would I buy again? No.

Zoella Beauty – Reach For The Moon Hand Cream

I bought this purely because of its shiny, colour shifting packaging and unfortunately I wont be buying it again. I started using this a few days into February after finishing the Neutrogena hand cream from above and I had finished this new one by the 20th. For such a large tube it should have lasted me a lot longer than that. While the formula was nice and sunk in well its moisturising properties didn’t last long and I found myself reapplying it a lot.

Would I buy again? No.

Wow, what a list! I haven’t had an empties post this big in a long time so I’m quite pleased with my February empties work. As you might already know my goal this year is to use up a lot of my current collection so every empty product is another one towards that goal, I’d like to continue the good work into March as well and hopefully there will be another long empties post next month too!

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