Fake Freckles Makeup Look

Today I wanted to wear some fake freckles.

Now, there are many different ways of achieving fake freckles and many more tutorials that can be found online. Some of the more popular ones that I’ve seen include dotting fake tan or using henna, however for a quick one day only application I prefer to use an eyebrow pencil and my fingertips.

To get the freckles I’m sporting below, I took my everyday brow pencil and very lightly and not too perfectly dotted a few marks across the bridge of my nose and onto my cheeks. Then using my fingertips I would gently press over the top of those marks and pat around on my face to disperse any built up pigment and leave little ghosts of freckles also scattered on my forehead and chin.

These freckles will stay put for a solid amount of hours but by the end of a hot day most will have faded however being “freckles” the effect still remains the same if only a little less obvious.

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