Ethical Zinc SPF50+ Sunscreen

Ethical Zinc SPF50+ Sunscreen Review

This Ethical Zinc SPF50+ Sunscreen is the latest brand that I’ve been testing in my exploration of natural sunscreen formulas. As we should all know, sunscreen is an essential and every day skincare item. It’s so important to wear sunscreen everyday however if the formula is uncooperative then it can be difficult to keep wanting to apply it.

So far through all the sunscreen brands I’ve tried, natural or chemical, I’ve yet to find a formula that played nicely with the rest of my products. The Mecca Cosmetica formula has probably been the best so far but I’d like to find a sunscreen with less chemical ingredients.

That’s what drew me to this Ethical Zinc SPF50+ Sunscreen, with it’s certified natural zinc oxide formula. I liked the ingredient list and I also liked that the sunscreen is made in Australia using 100% solar power. The ingredients are certified cruelty free, the formula is Reef safe and suitable for sensitive skin with no chemical UV filters.

That’s was an impressive list for this sunscreen so I was very interested to try the formula. I’ve since finished this bottle so I can give a full breakdown of how the Ethical Zinc SPF50+ Sunscreen performed.

Ethical Zinc SPF50+ Sunscreen Review

The formula of this sunscreen is very thick, considering it’s name contains “zinc” you can expect the consistency to be a combination of zinc and a cream. Due to the zinc element it also meant that the colour of the formula was quite white. Even when I worked this into my skin there would be a slight white cast, and I have very pale skin, so I don’t know if I would trust this on deeper skin tones.

The thicker sunscreen formula had a texture that reminded me of a waxy cream, you can feel it sitting on your skin and it carries a visible shine to it’s finish. I couldn’t really complain as the thick formula is intentional by the brand. This Ethical Zinc SPF50+ sunscreen is advertised as being highly water resistant for very high protection during a day at the beach, while swimming, or doing other outdoor activities. When I consider that I can understand the way this sunscreen sits on my skin, it would be quite good for a day at the beach.

In terms of wearing this sunscreen day to day it was a bit heavy for me. The zinc formula leaves a slight white-cast, noticeable shine and feels slightly tacky to the touch. As for how the sunscreen cooperated with my makeup, it was hit and miss. To hide the shine you would need a very full coverage foundation, and depending on the foundation formula it will either lay down nicely or be patchy and break apart soon after application. I also had difficulty with applying powder makeup over the top of this tacky formula. The two textures wouldn’t mix well, often resulting in patchiness or lifting of my foundation.

I’d say this Ethical Zinc SPF50+ Sunscreen would be well suited to someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, adventuring or at the beach. For someone like me, who mostly wears sunscreen to work it’s a bit heavy and shiny. Since purchasing this tube I have seen Ethical Zinc release a daily wear light version of this sunscreen so that might be worth trying as a more light weight option.

Ethical Zinc SPF50+ Sunscreen Review

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