Elizabeth Arden Precious Petal Gloss

This was another one of my 2018 impulse purchases but thankfully this has a happy ending. I was going through Myer when they were having their half yearly stock take clearance and picked this up for AUD$23.80, I had been looking for some nude glosses and thought this could be light enough for me.

When I got home and started wearing this gloss I realised it was a lot more glittery than I had anticipated however I don’t mind the effect. I just wear this when I want to have really shiny, glossy lips.

It can get sticky if I apply too much so I know when to stop now, and the vanilla scent doesn’t bother me because it fades away but I know it could for some people.

The gloss has a very shiny finish and a great wear time, if I’m not eating anything I can leave it for a couple of hours before I want more, and the glitter will stay and keep it looking shiny throughout.

The packaging is also a bonus for me, it has a mirror on one of the sides of the tube so I can apply this on the go very easily. This is currently my go to shimmery, nude gloss and I will continue to use it until it’s finished.

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