Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Hand Cream

This Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Hand Cream is a smaller version of how this hand cream normally comes as I purchased this as a part of a travel set from Elizabeth Arden. The smaller size hand cream was indeed perfect for bringing with me in my handbag as I went out and about.

I have been using this hand cream for the past month or so as we’ve been moving into colder months which means drier skin for me.

I really liked the formula of this hand cream. I was worried it would be very thick like the original Eight Hour Cream however it has a nice, smooth gel formula.

This applies well, I don’t need much to spread out over my hands and it leaves them feeling soft and smooth. There is also barely any scent to this, if anything it lightly smells like a lotion if I get very close however I wouldn’t notice any scent unless I was looking for it.

There isn’t any tacky or greasy feeling after application however it does almost feel like a slight film is over my skin. I am aware that I have applied lotion to my skin however it’s not uncomfortable nor does it make my hands too slippery to use.

When I first started wearing this I was really pleased with how it was hydrating and smoothing my hands. My skin was soft and supple and I wasn’t having to reapply it too often throughout the day.

However, as time went on and we moved into the cooler, drier part of the year I did notice my hands drying out even when using this lotion. By the time I finished this tube I was starting to need something stronger than this to heal my hands.

Overall I really liked how this hand cream worked in the warmer part of the year however when the weather cooled and dried out it just wasn’t enough to keep my hands from drying out throughout the day. That being said I liked the formula enough that I would buy it again but I might have to pick which times of the year when I use it.

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