e.l.f. Matte Magic Mist & Set Setting Spray

I have begun my quest to find cheaper alternatives to my current makeup products, and it has started with setting spray.

e.l.f is a brand that is sold in local Kmarts here in Australia, they’re positioned as an “affordable” brand in comparison to the brands sold at Mecca and Sephora. They’re also a brand that I have seen mentioned a few times now for having a good, low cost setting spray.

Currently my go to setting spray is the Kat Von D Beauty Lock-It Makeup Setting Mist. A bottle of that costs me $36.00 and lasts about 2 months. If I add that up, over the course of a year I’d be spending over $200 on a setting spray. Granted it’s a pretty awesome setting spray but it’s also an area I can see myself saving some coin in, if I can find a competitive product for less money.

This is where the e.l.f. spray comes in. At $8.00 a bottle, I’d be saving nearly 80% of that $200/year amount. So when I was going past my local Kmart I bought a bottle to try.

On of the first things I realised was that the actual bottle itself contained only half the amount of liquid in the Kat Von D spray, however even at $16 for the same amount, I’m saving more than half on the e.l.f. product.

The next realisation I came to was that the Kat Von D spray has an application that I probably won’t be able to duplicate in a drug store brand. The e.l.f. spray is harsh and uneven, I was having to soak my face just to be certain I’d covered the whole area and that just made my makeup patchy and gross. So in the end I tipped the liquid of the e.l.f. setting spray into an old, empty Kat Von D bottle and that has greatly improved the application.

As for the actual product, well it’s not the best. I am about three quarters of the way through the e.l.f spray and I am glad that it was quite small to begin with. What end ups happening is that initially after I’ve sprayed my face and it’s blended my makeup together I will have the nicest, glowing skin for maybe 5 hours. After that I begin to look oilier and oilier until I am forced to admit defeat and powder my greasy looking face. If I wear this on a hot day I will be looking greasy after even four hours or less, which is such a shame because that initial skin I have using this is maybe the prettiest I’ve ever looked.

In the end this was a good experiment and I can now cross one cheap alternative setting spray off my list of ones to try. e.l.f. you showed promise but in the end, just couldn’t pull through.

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