Edible Beauty Samples

I was very impressed when I opened my order from Edible Beauty to find a variety of sample packets featuring some of their other formulas. I love samples like these because it lets you try before you buy which I think is critical when it comes to something as personal as skincare.

As I’ve only been able to sample these formulas I’ll just post some quick thoughts on each of the five formulas below.

Edible Beauty No.1 Belle Frais Cleansing Milk

I was surprised by the formula of this cleansing milk, it was much more solid than I was expecting, I would have thought it was a moisturiser from its texture. However I blended this onto my damp skin and it spread out well but it was harder to remove than apply. I had to splash water onto my face and then make several passes with a damp cloth to remove all traces of this cleansing milk. It seemed to leave behind a film on my skin that I took some effort to get off. It was very gentle however it’s not for removing makeup which I wear every day so I wouldn’t get the most use out of this.

Edible Beauty No. 1 Belle Frais Cleansing Milk Swatch

Edible Beauty No.3 Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum Sample

I’ve never really used a serum in my skincare routine so I was interested in trying this one when I received it as a sample. It was supposed to have a number of anti-aging, skin boosting properties however the only thing I ever noticed was that it never quite dried so it always left a slightly shiny film on my skin that made me look dewy. The formula was like a more sticky version of my hyaluronic acid that never quite sunk in, always a little tacky. I also never saw any particular skin boosting effects any more than what my normal skincare routine provides.

Edible Beauty No.4 Vanilla Silk Hydrating Lotion Sample

When I first applied this cream I was so surprised by its thick consistency that I went online to make sure I hadn’t just applied a body butter to my face. But no, this cream is described by the brand as being a lightweight moisturiser with a silky consistency. So I don’t know if my understanding of moisturisers is drastically different to theirs but I definitely wouldn’t call this lightweight. To me it’s a thick cream that takes a little effort to rub into my skin. It will, once applied, sink in nicely without looking shiny or sticky however it definitely leans more towards a heavier, night cream than a lightweight day cream to me. In saying all of that, it was nice to use, some heavy creams can upset my skin but I saw no ill effects from this. Once I got past the slight confusion of its description this was a nice, hydrating cream; a little goes a long way. It might be worth looking into a full sized bottle during Winter when my skin tends to dry out more.

Edible Beauty No.4 Vanilla Silk Hydrating Lotion Sample

Edible Beauty & Sleeping Beauty Purifying Mousse – Sleep Mask Sample

Along with the serum, I’d also never tried a Mousse Mask before so it was another product that I was keen on seeing its effects. I had no idea what a Purifying Mousse would look or feel like but it was described online to clarify, balance oil production and brighten the skin for a radiant and rested complexion the next morning. Firstly, the texture was very much like a mousse, thick yet light and fluffy. Very creamy but it wouldn’t sit heavily on my skin or feel greasy. I normally don’t like and can’t handle heavy moisturisers but my skin never reacted poorly to this and in the morning after a night of wearing this my skin would look glowing and plump. I might also look into buy a full size of this.

Edible Beauty & Desert Lime Flawless Micro-Exfoliant

I actually like to include a physical exfoliant in my skincare routine. Some people feel they’re too harsh however I have very oily, acne prone skin so I like to constantly be clearing my pores and removing any dead skin that clog my pores. Unfortunately this is too harsh of a scrub even for me. The physical exfoliants in this were large and jagged feeling even as I was gently applying this to my skin. I didn’t like the experience at all.

Edible Beauty & Desert Lime Flawless Micro-Exfoliant Swatch

Overall there were some hits and misses with these sample packets but I always love the chance to try a new skincare formula before buying the whole product so I really appreciate Edible Beauty including these samples in my order.

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