Eco Minerals Eyeshadows Review

I’d heard of the brand Eco Minerals before however I’d not tried anything from them until these eyeshadows.

I found these samples packets online and bought a few so that I could try the formula in various shades and finishes.

The three shades that I bought were Indian Summer, Safari Gold and Olive Leaf. I’ll go through each shade separately as there was a big variance in performance however one thing that was the same throughout was that the shades performed best over a sticky base.

Indian Summer is a warm, chocolatey brown with a shimmer finish that applies very pigmented and smoothly. It would blend out nicely and wear well throughout the day with minimal creasing or fading.

Safari Gold is a very yellow gold with a shimmer finish. It applied poorly even over an eyeshadow base. The pigmentation would be patchy and difficult to blend. It would also fade significantly throughout the day with slight creasing.

Olive Leaf was a pastel green with some yellow shimmers on the edges. This colour applied well over an eyeshadow base however it surprised me when the edges that I blended would appear more golden than the shadow I packed down. It’s almost like when I blend this shadow I lift some of the green and the gold reflect comes out more. This shade would wear well throughout the day with minimal fading or creasing.

As you can see from the swatches these shadows definitely wore best over an eyeshadow primer however even then Safari Gold was still patchy and difficult to work with. This makes it difficult for me to judge the rest of the Eco Mineral eyeshadows that I haven’t tried yet as between the three that I do have, the performance is hugely different.

After trying all of these shadows I can say that I only really liked the shade Indian Summer as it was the only one that was pigmented, smooth to work with and would wear the best throughout the whole day.

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