Drunk Elephant Deodorant Cream Review

In my shift towards more natural skincare products I’ve been searching to find a cleaner more gentle deodorant compared to my previous choices.

This Drunk Elephant Sweet Pitti Deodorant is only a recent addition to their product line and I jumped to buy it when it was released.

Drunk Elephant describes this Sweet Pitti deodorant as a skin-friendly deodorant that keeps odours at bay. “A blend of mandelic acid and absorbent arrowroot eliminate stubborn odour-causing bacteria while absorbing any excess moisture from the skin.“

Drunk Elephant Sweet Pitti Deodorant

The Formula Review

What I first noticed about the formula was how wet it is. It’s a cream that feels like a moisturiser when I apply it so it is a little unusual to have such a wet formula as a deodorant.

At the bottom of the tube is a wind up dial which pushes the deodorant out of the holes in the top, I have also found that it can push out quite a lot of product and I’m unsure about how much I need to apply.

If I apply a decent amount I feel like it’s weirdly slippery in my arm pits and will leave traces of deodorant on my clothing if the sleeves sit too close under my arms. If I don’t apply so much that it feels wet I will notice odours starting to come through after around eight or so hours.

Either way, I never really found a comfortable way to use this deodorant. I either over applied it and had awful, wet underarms or I applied it lightly and would start to smell.

I have been finishing this deodorant off by applying it sparingly and bringing another spray deodorant with me in case I need to refresh throughout the day. That is not good enough for a deodorant and the only reason I’m finishing this Sweet Pitti Deodorant at all is because it cost me AUD$26.00 which is what I consider a lot for deodorant.

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