Dr. Lipp Lip Tints Review

Dr. Lipp Lip Tints Review

At this point I’ve tried and tested a lot of lip balms in my life. I’ll always choose a glossy, hydrated lip as my go to so when I saw these Dr. Lipp Lip Tints I was immediately intrigued.

Dr. Lipp is famous for their Original Nipple Balm for dry skin, luscious lips and glossy bits. A cult-favourite multitasking balm beloved for its medically proven, thick, rich and long-lasting moisturising balm.

These new Lip Tints have been created with the same formulation as Dr. Lipps award winning Original Nipple Balm. They’re made with plant based pigments and only 4 natural ingredients. I can understand why these are cult favourites with an ingredient list as minimal and natural as these.

Lip Tints Red Raddish & Elderberry

Dr. Lipp Lip Tints Review
Dr. Lipp Lip Tints
Red Raddish & Elderberry
Dr. Lipp Lip Tints swatches
Swatches of Red Raddish and Elderberry

How To

Lip balms should be common sense to apply and this one is exactly that. Dr. Lipp say to swipe the tint onto lips whenever they’re feeling dry, or when you want a subtle hint of colour.

My Experience

I wear lip balms or glosses basically every day because my lips dry out and crack very quickly. Because my lips can be so temperamental I need my lip products to have some serious hydration and healing to them.

These Lip Tints from Dr. Lipp are the best lip balms that I have ever used.

They tick every single box that I have for a balm product. The texture is thick without being sticky or clumpy. The formula is incredibly healing, softening and hydrating and the tinted formula is just enough to colour my lips naturally.

When I say that the formula is thick I don’t mean gloopy or tacky. It feels substantial when I apply it and it lasts longer on my lips than any other balm. Even through drinking or light eating I will still feel this balm on my lips for hours.

I personally like the light tint of the formula. Some people might want a stronger colour however these are perfect for me. The pigment adds a natural flush of colour that doesn’t look like I’m wearing makeup. If I want a bolder lip I can always apply a lipstick over the top of this balm.

One thing to note is that these balms are quite small in size compared to other popular brands. In saying that I really like the size. It’s super compact and so handy to chuck in my purse for on the go. Also as the formula is so hydrating and long wearing these smaller tubes still last me a very long time.

Dr. Lipp Lip Tints swatches
Comparison swatches between various brands

Overall I love these Lip Tints from Dr. Lipp. The formula is my favourite lip balm that I’ve ever tried. Super hydrating, softening and long lasting with a slight tint to colour my lips. I can’t think of a single thing I don’t like about these balms.

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