Developing a Curated Collection in 2020

2019 was my year of detoxing. A year of learning healthy spending habits. 2020 is my year of curating. Intentionally choosing my products to refine my beauty collection. By the end of 2020 I want to own a makeup and beauty collection that inspires me and that I know I will use and love.

Up until last year my relationship with cosmetics revolved around always buying the latest releases and having a collection that overflowed from my drawers. However that lifestyle eventually led to my spending exceeding my income and an unhealthy mindset towards needing new things.

So I took the entire 2019 year to detox myself, I chose to not buy any new makeup or skincare and, now, at the end of the year I have come away with a much improved mindset and a healthier relationship with beauty.

For 2020 I am now allowing myself to buy new makeup and skincare products however I am no longer concerned about over spending. Instead, my goal for this new year is to develop a curated beauty collection.

What I mean by a curated beauty collection is to have fewer, nicer things. I’m no longer interested in buying multiple cheaper products just to own a lot of makeup, what I want to own and use is only products that I know I will love and I will continue to love as I use them up entirely.

So for 2020 if I am to have a specific goal I would like to own less beauty products at the end of the year than what I started with. I want to pull my collection back and refine it to contain only the specific products that I can be happy and excited to use at any time.

Obviously I’ll go through phases of what are my favourite products however there are too many products in my current collection that I regret buying and don’t look forward to using and so for 2020 I want to eliminate products like that, mostly through using them up, from my life.

So this year I plan on continuing my love of panning and gradually using up the products that I want out of my collection. If I absolutely hate something I’ll most likely just declutter it however I don’t like doing that too often as it makes that product a waste of money for me.

I’ll post some photos below of my current makeup collection so that I’ll have something to compare to at the end of the year, and possibly throughout the year if I feel like I’m making impressive progress earlier than that!

my Complete makeup collection as of 1st jan, 2020

What strikes me the most from the images above is, firstly, how much makeup I already own, and, secondly, how many lip products I own considering I only ever wear lip gloss. Really, for me to own that many lipsticks and liquid lipsticks, it’s completely unnecessary. I can’t remember the last time I wore a lipstick and not a gloss. For 2020 I would like to reduce that section a lot, along with my cheek products of which take me a while to use up.

As for eyeshadow I certainly don’t need any more however I’m not going to try and pan any palette, I like to wear different shades everyday and so I don’t want to force myself to use the same palette every time just to say I’ve hit pan. I’m happy with my eyeshadow collection since I’ve started depotting and custom creating my own palettes and that should keep me going throughout the next year.

For 2020 I’ve definitely relaxed my constraints on my spending however it’s only due to the success of my past year long no-buy and monthly Project Pan that I have the confidence to go forward without those restraints. I have successfully become a healthier consumer and am looking forward to continuing that positive improvement, and curating my makeup collection, over the next year as well.

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