DB Cosmetics Vivid Glow Illuminator Palette – Over The Rainbow

This DB Cosmetics Illuminator is a very compact size for a highlighter palette. It combined my love of coloured highlighters and small, curated beauty products.

This is the third colourful highlighter palette that I have purchased however compared to the other two this one leans more “wearable” with it’s shades. A peach, gold and lavender option means that you can sheer the shades down to appear more soft and natural or build them up to be pigmented, colourful showstoppers.

The palette itself is quite weighty to hold and I love the holographic packaging. It also contains a big mirror which is handy for application.

As for the highlighter formula, I love the shade selection. The peach, gold and lavender are perfect for wearing a colourful highlighter in a sophisticated way. Sometimes with coloured highlighters they can make you look like a fancy dress costume however these are all very flattering on the skin.

Unfortunately the performance of the shades varies greatly. The peach and lavender shades are much smoother than the gold which has a very chunky, crumbly texture. This is a shame because the smooth formula of lavender dreams is probably my favourite highlighter formula of all time. It’s so smooth and skin like without emphasising any of my skin texture or pores and the colour is beautiful. I can still wear the gold shade however its crumbly formula means it’s less smooth on my skin. It can also appear patchy and textured if I apply too much.

Overall I love nearly everything about this DB Cosmetics Over The Rainbow highlighter palette. If the gold shade was the same formula as the other two then it would be my all time favourite highlighter palette. As it is, it’s still been featured in my yearly favourites as one of my most used highlighters for a reason.

p.s. DB Cosmetics are the parent brand of Savvy which has some other products I love too.

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