Creightons 2 Minute Treatment Review

My scalp has always been dry and so I’m in a constant loop of trying various hair care products to add some moisture back into my scalp. This bottle of Creightons 2 Minute Treatment caught my eye from the title promising a quick, healing fix. I don’t have hours of spare time to be applying a healing mask everyday, as many hair treatments require, so a 2 minute treatment is exactly what I’m looking for.

This Pro Keratin Rescue & Repair Treatment sounded like it would easily slip into my morning routine, just needing to be massaged into my scalp and hair for 2 minutes after I’ve shampooed.

The texture of this was similar to a regular hair conditioner. It was thick enough to squeeze out of the tube and spread easily throughout my hair and across my scalp.

I used this everyday for a little under a couple of months and that was as far as this, admittedly, small tube got me.

After applying this routinely to my scalp I unfortunately can’t say I saw any significant improvement to my scalp. It would still be dry throughout the day which only eased when I applied an oil to my scalp which I did have to turn to in the end.

As for my actual hair, it would be soft however nothing different than had I applied a regular conditioner during the shower. I didn’t see any big difference although my hair isn’t long enough to test Creightons claims of this treatment making hair more shiny and manageable.

Overall this was basically a conditioner in a tube for me. I saw no significant improvement in my dry scalp. While my hair would be soft it was nothing better than results I can get from a basic hair conditioner.

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