Creating A Custom Blush Palette

Something I love to do with my empty palettes is to repurpose them into new creations using old makeup.

I created this custom blush palette from a loose Fyrinnae Blush, a shattered rosy eyeshadow and a single blushy bronze pan I had left over from an old palette.

When I used up every shade in this original Revlon contour kit I knew I wanted to keep the palette packaging in my collection. This palette has a fantastic mirror that I use all the time and I like the size of the four pans it has so I thought about ways that I could continue to get use out of it and I remembered these three blushes that I had rolling around in my makeup drawers.

For the loose Fyrinnae blush and the shattered rosy eyeshadow I added a little rubbing alcohol to their powders to form a paste and then proceeded to press each paste into their own pan in the empty Revlon palette.

With the last blushy bronzer that was still in its original pan I was able to remove one of the empty pans in the Revlon palette and glue a small square of magnetic sheet to the empty space to hold the blushy bronze pan in its place.

For a little bit of creative fun I was able to produce my own custom blush palette from old makeup products that had been long forgotten in my collection.

Those blushes then became new and shiny once more and in the convenient packaging of the Revlon palette I wanted to reach for them every day. That is exactly how I want to work with my makeup collection and I have since successfully finished all three of those blush shades.

In this year of trying to use up a lot of my makeup collection, methods of repurposing my makeup like this have taught me great ways to revamp my collection and give new life to previously discarded products.

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