COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser

As someone with oily skin I am constantly trying to find the perfect in between with my cleansers. I don’t want to over scrub my skin but I do need some extra strength cleansing as my natural oils can clog my pores easily.

When I saw this cleanser online I was intrigued by the title; I’d heard about these gel to water formulas that didn’t foam but still cleansed the skin. It might be that nice in between that’d I’d been looking for.

Unfortunately the website that I bought this cleanser from, Yesstyle, used a lot of keywords in their description and only some of them were true to this product. What this means is that in the end this is a foaming cleanser.

So I didn’t end up with any gel to water formula however I still needed a cleanser and the low pH element of this formula sounded like a good option for my morning cleanse when I didn’t want anything too harsh to start my day.

The Formula

Compared to other foaming cleansers that I’ve tried this one was pretty good. It wasn’t too thick of a gel formula so it foamed up quickly and left my skin feeling clean without any harshness.

The other good thing about this cleanser was how long it lasted me. This was a huge bottle and so it was months and months before I had to think about purchasing it’s replacement.

The Review

Overall this was a nice, standard cleanser. I can’t say I noticed it performing any better or worse than any other foaming cleanser. Just make sure you don’t make the same mistake I did, thinking this was a non-foaming formula!

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