COSRX Advanced Snail 92 All in one Cream

With there being so make skincare options out there to try, I’ve never used the same facial moisturiser twice in a row. So when I ran out of my day moisturiser I went online to find a new replacement.

That replacement ended up being the COSRX Advanced Snail 92 All in one Cream. I’d never tried any ‘snail’ skincare before however you only live once so I figured I’d better try it out.

This particular snail cream contained 92% snail secretion filtrate which was supposed to sooth and repair my skin through the healing properties of mucin. I was a little dubious about this, mostly getting caught up on the thought of snail slime however if it prevented breakouts and improved my skins elasticity then I would wear this everyday.

The jar that I bought cost me AUD$23.34 for 100 ml and a little went a long way so I wasn’t disappointed by the value for money.

The Packaging

The packaging for this cream wasn’t anything special. It was a semi opaque plastic tub with a screw on top, it didn’t feel dirt cheap however it certainly wasn’t weighty or luxurious.

I also found that because the container had such a wide opening from the lid I would occasionally find pieces of lint and the like floating around in the cream from the few seconds it’s been sitting open on my counter. I don’t know if the formula could be put into a pump instead because that would be a little nicer.

The Formula

To start with, the texture of this cream did make my skin crawl a little bit. On the website it was described as being the slick texture of a gel which is a fancy way of writing – slimy. Because that’s what it was, gooey and sticky it would leave strands of the cream clinging between my fingertip and the jar when I tried to pick some up and often times those fine strings would fall on my counter and make a mess.

It was also slimy to apply to my face, granted, a little went a long way however I would have to pat it into my skin for the sliminess to sink in and then my skin would be left feeling tacky to touch.

The Results

This cream was advertised as soothing, healing, and calming, formulated to prevent breakouts and maintain skin elasticity and I do think I saw some of that in my skin. It definitely felt plump and hydrated after applying this cream however I can’t say I noticed a reduction in my breakouts or oil production.

The main visible effects I could see after using this cream were that my face looked fresh and dewy and my skin looked soft, however to the touch it would be a little tacky.

The Review

While I won’t be buying this cream again it’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it’s effects. I liked the way my skin looked glowing and healthy after applying this cream however the hassle of the sticky formula and the fact that it didn’t reduce my breakouts means that it’s not worth it for me to buy again.

However it did seem to provide all of the effects that people who like the Korean skincare look would enjoy. So if you like soft, dewy, plump skin then this might be worth giving a try.

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