My Custom ABH Palette

While I used and loved both of my Anastasia Beverly Hills Palettes I also really wanted to depot them and leave me with just the bare shadows in their pans.

And a little while ago that’s exactly what I did.

Now, depotting ABH palettes is no easy task and I did end up with a couple of shattered shadows however their formulas were so soft that I was able to just press them back into their pans with my finger.

What I have since learnt is that when I depot soft shadows like these ABH ones I can no longer travel with them as they become too fragile to risk bumping around in my bags. While that is a shame I do also truly love the result of my depotting.

I now house all of my ABH shadows in the one palette, side by side without any packaging or finality. I am free to move them around and put different colours side by side. The inspiration that hits me when I open up this little palette is so much more than I ever felt when I was looking at either my Prism or Subculture palettes.

So I wanted to share you what those two palettes look like mixed into one, will all their shades pressed side by side.

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