ColourPop My Little Pony Palette

I’ve mentioned this palette before a few times, most recently in my July favourites, however I’ve yet to dedicate an entire post to it purely because it’s not a recent product at all. In fact Colourpop might not even be making it anymore.

However each time that I pull this palette out and make an eyeshadow look with it I have so much fun and am so inspired by the colour story that I want to tell everyone about how cool I think it is.

So today I decided that’s what I am going to do.

This Colourpop Palette was announced as part of their My Little Pony Collection which contained this pressed powder palette, a brush set, powder highlights, lip gloss and super shock shadows. There is also a My Little Pony Makeup Bag which is still available to buy.

However from the beginning the only product I wanted from the collection was the palette. It had a colour selection that was bright and fun and not just one hue in multiple shades but a mixture of different colours and finishes.

I’d never bought anything from Colourpop before however this was also at the same time in which they’d released their Yes, Please! dupe palette for the Natasha Denona Sunset palette and so I bought them both at the same time.

In the many months that I have now spent with both palettes I can say that the quality of the Yes, Please! palette is probably a little better however in my personal preference it doesn’t excite or inspire me half as much as the My Little Pony Palette does.

I’ve since learned about myself that a colourful eyeshadow palette that’s all the same shade doesn’t do anything for me. For example the recent slew of new Colourpop palettes that are all the same colour in different finishes haven’t tempted me for one second.

If I’m going to buy a colourful eyeshadow palette then I want 20 different colours in the one palette. Jeffree Star’s Jawbreaker palette is one example that’s currently on my wish list.

So that’s why I love this My Little Pony palette so much. The colour range is interesting with different hues and tones and the finishes vary from matte to shimmer to metallic and even some colour shifting shades. Is the formula amazing across the palette? No. There are definitely some shades that require a little work however I don’t mind that at all when the end results make me so happy.

To go through the palette, obviously Colourpop is marketed as an affordable brand and so the quality is what you would expect from that.

The palette is a cardboard material with no mirror and the pans are smaller than the average size. None of this bothers me except for the mirror which I think would be helpful however I don’t mind paying less for the palette to not receive a mirror, I do have about 20 of them floating around in my drawers.

The quality of the shades is varied as I mentioned before. For the mattes Butterscotch and Applejack are a bit chalky and need to be built up to see a lot of pigment. Whereas Minty and Flutterbye have nice pigment and blend out easily. The shimmers are all quite crumbly however the pigment is really nice. Out of all of them only Twilight and Snuzzle require a glitter base to really show their effect.

As for how the shades wear, all of them will last for eight hours on my oily, hooded eyelids without creasing or breaking apart. I do use an eyeshadow primer however I use that always and with any eyeshadow.

My favourite thing about this palette, as I’m sure you’ve already gotten, is the colour range. There is a mixture of warm and cool toned eyeshadows, in various finishes with, I would say, only 2 shades being similar enough that 1 of them could have been changed.

The only thing I would change in this palette is that I would have dropped Applejack and replaced it with some sort of green. It’s just too close to Minty and, of the two, Minty performs better.

In the photos below I’ve created 2 different eyeshadow looks using only this palette so you can see some examples of the shadows at work.

Overall as I’ve featured this My Little Pony eyeshadow palette in so many favourites posts by now it’s safe to say that I really do love this product. I’m slowing working a dip into each of the shades and I’ll be very sorry if I ever actually finish this palette!

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