Clean Apothecary Brush Shampoo Grapefruit

Clean Apothecary brush shampoo grapefruit

I was one of those people who didn’t wash their makeup brushes for about 5 years before I realised it was something you should do. When I did finally figure that out I went online to google how to wash makeup brushes and this was the product that popped up. The Clean Apothecary Brush Shampoo that had good reviews and simple instructions.

So I bought the Grapefruit scent – because why not – and waited for it to arrive. Now this is quite simply soap in a container. It’s formulated for makeup brushes however I struggled to get this soap to lather up.

Clean Apothecary brush shampoo grapefruit

My Experience

According to Clean Apothecary you’re supposed to wet your brush and gently swirl it on top of the shampoo to create a rich lather. Now when I tried that nothing happened at all. I was swirling a wet brush onto a block of soap and there was no lathering at all. All it was doing was coating the bristles with a soapy film that was difficult to wash off when it wouldn’t foam up.

Eventually I worked up a lather however I realised that this brush shampoo only lathers with certain makeup brushes. There has to be a right density and length of bristles to work up the lather. Very dense brushes wouldn’t foam up, equally, very fluffy brushes struggled as well. For those brushes that wouldn’t lather up I had difficulty washing off the shampoo. It was more of a soapy film on the bristles than a foaming wash. Also once the brushes had dried there was that soapy film left on the ones that didn’t lather up properly.

In the end I did finish this eventually but I could only use it on the specific brushes that lathered up well. The very dense or very fluffy brushes I would wash with a liquid soap so that they would be cleaned properly. As for the scent it was fine if not a little overpowering for a makeup brush shampoo. I won’t be buying this again.

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