Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash

Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash

I picked this Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash up in a pack with the matching moisturiser that I thought sounded well aimed at my oily, acne prone skin.

The label stated that this was an oil free formula and wouldn’t clog pores which is very important for me. It also claimed to help prevent oily shine and pimples so even better!

I’d never heard of this brand before but the two-pack of skincare that I purchased was fairly cheap so I assume they’re aimed at being an affordable brand.

I didn’t need a moisturiser at the time so I passed that on to a family member; I was more interested in the cleanser.

When I first opened the bottle, before I’d even used the formula, I was hit with a strong chemical smell. This alarmed me a little bit but I thought it could be the new bottle or something.

When I applied this cleanser it foamed up okay, nothing amazing however that chemical scent was just as strong and hung around the entire time. I also felt like I wouldn’t be too confident about the cleanliness of my skin if I used this to remove a heavy face of makeup.

My Experience

In the weeks after I began using this cleanser I paid attention to my skin, eager to see any improvement in my oiliness or acne. Unfortunately I noticed no improvement, if anything I only saw my skin seem to worsen.

I always have a few breakouts around my jaw however after using this cleanser for a while I also began developing breakouts along my forehead and temples which I never normally get. So I decided to stop using this cleanser and sure enough those breakouts went away after that.

In the end I didn’t even finish this bottle as the only results I found from using this cleanser were that I had additional breakouts along my forehead which I never normally get. I also wasn’t too confident about how clean my skin was after using this so overall I did not like this Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash at all.

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