Clarins Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour

When I bought this Clarins blush it was during a clearance sale so I couldn’t open it to see the actual colour in the store, so I was going off the shade name Golden pink and hoping it wouldn’t be too pigmented for my skin tone.

Since I’ve bought this I’ve worn it a few times and thought I’d write up a quick review in case the shade is becoming a deleted line.

Clarins Blush – Golden Pink


The packaging of the blush is very luxurious, a reflective gold casing housing the blush, a small brush and a good mirror. The whole compact feels nicely weighty and also came with it’s own red velvet pouch to safely store it in.


The shade name Golden Pink does indeed suit this blush very well, it’s a rosy pink colour with a slight sheen that looks very skin like on the cheeks. If you like a subtle highlighter effect than this blush could work as that by itself and it also doesn’t bring out my pores or texture on my skin. Once applied the blush will wear well throughout the day, however I do like to build it up bit by bit when I apply it because the colour can be very pigmented if you go in with too a heavy hand.

Unfortunately I don’t like the small brush that comes included, its bristles are too rough for an even application so I apply this with my regular blush brush.

The Review

Overall this is a good quality blush that should last you a long time and will wear on the cheeks for at least eight hours so I do enjoy it, although I don’t like the brush included however that’s not a deal breaker for me.

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