Cinch Face Cheat(er) Review

This product was all over the internet not too long ago and it’s popularity coincided with me needing a new day moisturiser and so I thought I would buy a bottle to see if its performance matched its hype.

The Cinch Face Cheat(er) is one of those multitasking skincare products that’s a combination of hydration, luminance and primer. An all in one hydration step that fits in well with the brands central theme of smarter skincare to streamline your day and your beauty bag.

Cinch skincare centres its products around the idea of cutting time but not quality. Their products are great multitasksers that combine multiple skincare steps into one formula which means less complicated routines and less jumbled counters! All of this is exactly what someone like me loves and looks for in a product.

As someone who is trying to reduce my skincare routine and live with fewer, nicer things, a skincare brand that simplifies my routine without losing any amazing ingredients is already in my good books.

Cinch Face Cheat(er)

The Formula

As for the product, the Cinch Face Cheat(er) was slotting into the empty space left by my previous day moisturiser so its main purpose for me was hydration. Its luminance and priming abilities were great added extras but what was most important was how it fit in as a moisturiser.

The formula of the Cinch Face Cheat(er) was light like a mixture between a cream and a gel. I would apply one pump to my face and immediately see the increase in radiance to my skin. It’s ingredients give the formula a slight pearlescent shift which is just enough to appear radiant and glowing on the skin. Sometimes “glowy” formulas will look too shiny, almost metallic and unnatural, however this cream is perfectly balanced to make my skin look healthy and hydrated without overdoing the luminance.

The finish of this cream was also nice, very soft and smooth that worked well with whatever other products I layered over it. However the one issue I had was that this product is also meant to be used as a make-up primer which I would agree that it could be, only my makeup never sits directly over this cream. Between my last skincare step, which is this, and my makeup I will always apply an SPF.

So because I wear sunscreen everyday as my last skincare step, it cancels out the makeup priming abilities in this Cinch Face Cheat(er) as my makeup always sits on the sunscreen instead. So while I do think the lovely, smooth finish of the cream would be a great base for makeup, I would have to apply it after my sunscreen and lose its hydration effects to use it as an effective makeup primer.

The Review

Aside from that, I really was impressed by the formula of the Cinch Face Cheat(er). So much so that it was the only skincare product that featured in my 2019 Beauty Favourites post.

As for how it fared on my oily, acne prone skin, one of the main concerns that I had before trying this product was that its glow-inducing formula would turn into an oil slick on my shiny prone skin. I was also keeping an eye on if it increased my breakouts but thankfully neither of those scenarios happened. While the formula does produce a glowy effect on the skin it’s nothing that could be mistaken for oil nor did it make my oily skin worse.

There was also nothing in the formula that caused my skin to react poorly though when I read through the ingredients, while most were good, there were one or two that I read that might cause some people mild irritation but that’s more of an individual case than a bad ingredient.

Overall the Cinch Face Cheat(er) impressed me with its hydrating feel and glow-inducing formula. It reacted well on my oily skin and I definitely looked healthy and glowing after applying this cream. An Australian brand, vegan skincare line… it’s a yes from me!

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