Cali Tiger 18k Gold Plated Rings

For the longest time I was committed to silver jewellery. And then I met these Cali Tiger 18k Gold Plated pieces.

These rings popped up on my Instagram feed a little while ago and they were so pretty with their gold plating that I purchased them as the beginning of my new love affair with gold.

I’d always admired the simple statement pieces of jewellery that I’d seen worn by the classic styled women who influence my world and these rings carry that same aesthetic into my own life.

I have the Nova Ring and the adjustable Gia Ring. The Nova Ring I purchased in size 8.

The Nova Ring is my classic, wear any day and with anything, ring to look a little more classy. It’s small enough that it fits in without being a huge statement piece however the unique flat top gives it an eye catching element.

As for the Gia Ring I was immediately drawn in my it’s amazing rounded, organic shape. It’s exactly the type of ring that I want to wear. Compared to the Nova Ring this is more of a statement piece and I love to wear it as my only ring to give it all the attention.

I’ve owned both of these rings for many months now and I’m not a gentle person when it comes to my jewellery. These will stay on my hands throughout the day, mixing with water, soap and moisturisers and while they obviously lose their shiny newness, the scuffing is minimal and I’ve yet to find any scratches or fading of the gold plating which is more than what I can say for a lot more expensive jewellery that I’ve purchased in the past.

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