Cali Tiger 18k Gold Plated Necklaces

A little while ago I wrote another blog post about my two 18k Gold Plated rings from Cali Tiger that I absolutely adore and today I’m back to talk about my two necklaces.

From what I’ve seen of the necklaces on Cali Tiger they’re made for stacking together which is how I typically wear these two.

Although that being said I do also appreciate them on their own, paired with some equally nice gold earrings.

Carina Necklace

I loved the pendant on this necklace, it reminded me of rays of light and the rectangle shape sits nicely and looks very classic and vintage. On days when I’m going for a lighter look I’ll wear this necklace by itself as it has such a dainty, thin chain it can be quite a delicate look.

Chain Necklace

This is a classic, long chain that sits flat against my skin and will mold itself along the contours of my collar bones so it can be a very cool look if I wear it on my bare skin. If I wear it over clothing then it will sit in its natural rounded shape. This is a very long necklace, in fact it’s the longest in my collection, so it’s handy to pair with certain outfits.

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