BYS 5 Palette Eyeshadow Neons

I bought this palette ages ago when I was looking for a dupe to the shade Sphere in the ABH Prism palette. It was such an interesting neon shadow that it got me into wanting more shades like it. So when I found this little neon palette in a small cosmetics store I was very excited to create some eyeshadow looks from it.

I already owned one eyeshadow palette from BYS so I was comfortable with their formula but I’d never worked with any neon eyeshadow before so I didn’t know what to expect from that.

What I found from this palette is that these shades need to be applied over a primer or eyeshadow base for their pigment to show up.

That itself is not an issue for me as I have oily eyelids so I always need a primer for my shadows to last.

When I do apply these shades over a primer to hold their pigment they are every bit as bright and neon as I had been hoping.

On my oily, hooded eyelids and over a primer these neons will wear well throughout the day with minimal to no creasing however I have noticed they will have faded a bit after eight hours.

Overall I love this palette. For how little it cost me these are great neon eyeshadows that are bright and fun to wear. They last well throughout a day and if you’re looking for a dupe to Sphere from the ABH Prism palette then this BYS 5 Palette Eyeshadow Neons has a great option.

BYS 5 Palette Eyeshadow Neons

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