BYS 48 Palette Eyeshadow Intense Pigments

This was one of the first eyeshadow palettes that I ever bought. I fell in love with the huge range of pretty coloured shimmers and couldn’t wait to get them on my eyes.

BYS is an Australian drug store brand that I had known about but never tried anything from before buying this eyeshadow palette and after having owned it for many months I would absolutely try more products from their range.

This eyeshadow palette is exactly what I like in my makeup products, a lot of options with minimal commitment!

Each individual pan is tiny in comparison to regular eyeshadow palettes and to me I prefer that over one huge pan of a single shade.

With these small pans I have the option to mix and match between so many colours in the one palette. And when I say small, there is still plenty of product in each colour that I’ve yet to pan a single shade in the palette.

The way I like to wear makeup is usually wearing something different every day. I don’t like to get set down into one shade that I repeat again and again so this palette is great for packing for travel and the like as it gives me a huge range of eye looks in the one product. There are even enough neutral shades that I can easily create a very classic, smoky eye.

The quality of these shades can be a bit hit and miss. Some are super pigmented and others are more sheer however this doesn’t bother me as the cost was cheaper than standard eyeshadow palettes and so I expected a little variation in performance.

I would describe the finish of these shadows as a soft shimmer that I can build in pigmentation and blend out easily and smoothly. Over an eyeshadow primer the shades wear well throughout the day with minimal to no creasing although they will have faded a bit after a full eight hours.

For a colour lover who never settles for long on a single shade, this palette has been a long love of mine. I’ve owned it for many years and it’s still one of my popular picks for travel and day to day wear with the options that it gives me and the easy application and blending of the soft shimmer formula.

BYS 48 Palette Eyeshadow Intense Pigments

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