Briogeo Scalp Revival Treatment

Around Christmas time 2018 I took the final step from a pixie cut to shaving my hair off. I don’t know why I picked just before Christmas however what I came to find out in the many following months was that I had a very dry scalp which became even more pronounced when I had no hair to hide it. So in an attempt to bring some moisture back into my scalp I tried a variety of different moisturisers, conditioners, oils and treatments and however I will say that this Briogeo Scalp Revival Treatmentwas the most expensive haircare product I bought.

Because it cost me $41.00 and promised to create the perfect foundation for optimal scalp health I wanted to properly test it out and give a review here for anyone else who was interested.

Briogeo Scalp Revival Scalp Treatment


The entire product felt very luxurious, reflecting its higher price point with a heavy, 30ml glass bottle and dropper applicator. However I did notice that after using the treatment a few times that some of the formula would leak from the bottle and crust around the opening of the lid which wasn’t appealing.

Formula and application

The formula of this treatment was like a watered down gel. It was a little slimy feeling however it would sink into my scalp quickly without leaving a tacky feeling although I can’t speak for how it would effect someone with long hair.

The colour was a dark grey reflecting its charcoal ingredient and to apply it they recommended parting your hair into sections, applying 1-2 drops to each partition and massaging into the scalp. This is exactly what I did and I must say that the bottle didn’t last me very long. It was also recommended to use before bed and that’s the time I chose to apply this treatment and within two months I had finished the bottle.


I’ll insert a photo below of my scalp after two months of using this treatment to show you its effect in person but to sum it up in words: I saw no change or improvement.

My scalp started this treatment being a little itchy and very dry and that’s exactly how it ended it. I can’t understand how something advertised as a lifeline for dry, irritated and flaky scalps could do absolutely nothing for mine.

When I looked at some other reviews online thinking I had a bad bottle I found the results to be very mixed. Some people claim it solved their scalp issues and others related to my experience stating no change at all.

So overall I was not happy after finishing this product seeing as it was a complete waste of money for me. It did nothing that it was advertised to do for aiding my dry scalp and so I can’t recommend this to anyone else based off its performance.

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